Why do they call it love, when it actually means Greek anal sex?

18 May 2015  - 
Why do they call it love, when it actually means Greek anal sex?

Escorts and Greek anal sex in Barcelona are two worldwide trending topics. What makes Greek sex so special that everybody wishes it, and crazily looks for prostitutes who happily practice it at anytime? Why is it a taboo that the utmost pleasurable men’s spot is inside their ass, and consequently all men have Greek sex inside them?

What sensations and pleasures the “wrinkled eye” –as the Spanish humorist Joaquín Reyes calls it– hides?

Nowadays, the term “Greek” means a lot of things. We don’t know if it was like that before, but when somebody says this magic word, people grin and think about Greek yoghurt, the risk premium, and fucking somebody in the ass. In addition to this, Greek also reminds to philosophy, Mediterranean Sea, and mythology, whose gods endlessly fucked her mothers and sisters. Greeks lived their sexual life with joy and are renowned by having homosexual relationships without complexes, worshipping men’s body, and placing phallic sculptures on the entrance doors of their houses.

All this leads us to think that Greek means fucking somebody in the ass; a masculine pleasure among men who seek for ecstasy in the strong arms of a fellow. However, Greek sex refers to anal sex with both men and women.

Escorts and Greeks in Barcelona

Careful! Not everybody offers their ass to be fucked. Money can’t buy everybody’s ass. Practicing anal sex doesn’t mean widespread pleasure; in addition, not everybody can practice it. That’s why the seeking of escorts and Greek sex in Barcelona is one of the most requested and well paid practices.

Some clients say that having anal sex is similar to fucking, but tighter; others say that it’s much more exciting because it is dirtier; others want to try new experiences; others recognize that they like feeling powerful by sexually harming someone. Everybody finds a good excuse to seek for an escort who practice Greek sex in Barcelona.

Double penetration

Double penetration is trendy. It hits the headlights of newspapers and television. We want double penetration! –people shout on the streets all around the world.

So as to practice double penetration, it is needed an escort who offers Greek sex in Barcelona, as this service consists of penetrating the vagina and the ass at the same time. It is said that the escorts who practice it feel rapt when doing it; and that there’s nothing else which relax them more. Clients say that they love first-hand seeing and enjoying how another male fucks the escort in the room.

Double penetration is similar to Greek sex: not everybody knows how to do it, or dares to do it. Those who offer this service get paid very well, because it is said to require a double effort and a double connection with the client. Therefore, it doesn’t matter that this service costs twice as much, because it makes you feel twice as good. In addition, you can boast much more about it with your mates.

Deep in men’s ass

Let’s be open-minded once more on this fantastic blog. Let’s not set limits to women’s and men’s asses. Let’s open our minds and philosophize as Ancient Greeks did.

Some really liberated and adventurous men don’t settle with trying double penetration with an escort who practice Greek sex in Barcelona; they also like to switch roles and ask the escort to get Greek sex on them.

Can you imagine a beautiful escort who has a dick bigger than yours penetrating you to the deepest while you enjoy like a real bitch on all fours?

If the answer is yes, we have to congratulate you for being so liberated, and for having found the masculine G spot which is worldwide renowned and muted by heterosexual men, who are afraid of being labeled as gays.

Greek sex practice is a challenge for many, and a door wide open to the utmost pleasure for others. Fortunately, escorts exist to help these men experiencing this sublime pleasure.

Switching roles

It isn’t needed that neither another man, nor a transsexual practice Greek sex with a man; it can be performed by an expert escort in this subject. The term “Greek” is very wide, so it isn’t restricted to make getting an escort who practices Greek sex in Barcelona on all fours.

If you are thinking about the possibility of practicing Greek sex, don’t forget using condoms at any situation. In addition, you should be aware that practicing it differs from what it is shown in porn movies, in which penetrating a pussy, and then an ass, and vice versa is a common practice. Real Greek sex can’t be that way, because everybody knows that it is easy to get a disease; the same way as you wouldn’t like being fucked in the ass, and then being introduced the dick in your mouth, so you can taste your own droppings.

Nobody of sound mind likes it. On behalf of this cheerful, sexy, liberal, and funny blog, we would like to encourage the whole world to look for an escort who practices Greek sex in Barcelona. We would also like to recommend you giving free rein to switching both –giving and receiving– roles, but always keeping an eye on health and hygiene, and enjoying the pleasure obtained by forgetting stereotypes, complexes, and common taboos of our narrow-minded society.

18 May 2015  - 

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