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How to get?

C/ Rector Ubach 46 Local

08021 Barcelona

Direct access from the street

+ 34 93 201 37 06


L3 with transfer to L6 stop Muntaner


27, H8


13 min

Unbeatable parking, blue zone and parking very close. Beware of some taxi drivers who will try to take you to another location for a commission. Our local is never closed.

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Sants is known for its neighborhood festivals, for its streets full of shops, such as Carrer de Sants or Creu Coberta, where you can spend the afternoon shopping, and it is also known for its endless leisure plans. It is one of the nerve centers of the city where you can get from all parts of Catalonia and Spain and has a direct connection to the airport. So if you are looking for a place where you can have a great time at all times, Sants is undoubtedly a success. And if you don't want to walk around the neighborhood alone and want to have fun this evening, have the best escorts in Sants to have the most fun.


After an afternoon of shopping, the evening can continue in a romantic restaurant such as Restaurante Filigrana or Sants es Crema, where you can enjoy unbeatable company. At La Vie en Rose you will find the best escorts Sants, to go to a dinner and stop the clock with their dazzling smile, deep eyes and addictive personality. And to make the most of the night, don't miss the best cocktail bars in the neighborhood such as Sinestesia or Okinawa, where you can make the most of the adventure and enjoy a more than perfect night.

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If you don't want to spend a night alone in the city and you want to get to know every corner of the Barcelona nightlife, at La Vie en Rose you will find the perfect solution. Here you can meet the best escort Sants for any type of plan, whether romantic and relaxed or crazy. The most beautiful and incredible women are waiting for your call to show you all the secrets of the city. You will not regret!