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How to get there?

C/ Rector Ubach 46 Local

08021 Barcelona

Direct access from the street

+ 34 93 201 37 06


L3 with transfer to L6 stop Muntaner


27, H8


13 min

Unbeatable parking, blue zone and parking very close. Beware of some taxi drivers who will try to take you to another location for a commission. Our local is never closed.

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Sants is a great neighborhood, full of life and leisure, perfect for spending a great day with a very beautiful Sants escort (not whores). It has a special charm and you can enjoy a multitude of activities either during the day or at nightfall. The Parc de l'Espanya Industrial is one of the most emblematic places in the neighborhood, with green areas where you can walk and disconnect from the outside world, a paradise in the middle of the bustle of the city where you can enjoy trees, fountains, ponds and an atmosphere calm and relaxed. And if you want to blend in with the essence of the neighborhood, you can't miss the traditional market, where the pleasant neighborhood atmosphere will make you feel completely fulfilled.

And it is not a perfect day in the neighborhood if you do not enjoy its charming terraces, endless places to socialize while having an aperitif, a drink or eating delicious tapas. Sitting on one of the terraces you can enjoy the sunset and notice how little by little the atmosphere changes until the merriment and revelry of the night take over the place. Drink delicious cocktails, enjoy the festive atmosphere and have a great time before entering clubs such as the Undead Dark Club, the Coyotes or the Sala Taro. And if you want to fully enjoy the night, do it with the best escorts in Sants, in an incredibly fun plan that never fails.

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In Barcelona you can find fantastic neighborhoods full of personality, life and joy, with an authenticity that makes you fall in love and with streets that you will want to walk over and over again. Paved with trees, fascinating markets full of people and variety, terraces where you can enjoy a multitude of atmospheres, clubs where you can bring out your wildest and fun side. In Sants you can do all this and much more to enjoy a perfect day where you can achieve the most absolute happiness. And if you are looking for the perfect company to make all these plans with someone, there is no one better than an escort in Sants who will make your experience an unbeatable experience.

It doesn't matter if you have come to the city to stay or if you can only enjoy it for a few days. It doesn't matter if you live here or if you just landed. It doesn't matter if you want to enjoy a quiet, calm and restful adventure like a romantic dinner in a high-end restaurant, with an incredible atmosphere and the best companions (not whores). Or if you want to give it your all on a night of partying, fun and excitement in the most cutting-edge nightclubs in the city. Here you can find the best Sants escorts for any type of plans and live the best adventure of your life.

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You may have been invited to a company party or event and you don't want to go alone. At La Vie en Rose you will find a perfect solution to become the king of the place and enjoy a wonderful night. The most beautiful, pleasant and elegant women (not Sants whores) are eager to accompany you to appear on your arm and give you unique moments that will leave their mark.

La Vie en Rose is a luxury venue where you can meet wonderful companions for any type of plan. Whether it's a company party, a romantic dinner, a quiet and relaxed night having drinks or an incredible night out. In this place you will find the ideal Sants escort to enjoy an unforgettable experience.