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How to get there?

C/ Rector Ubach 46 Local

08021 Barcelona

Direct access from the street

+ 34 93 201 37 06


R1 with transfer to L6, S1 or S2 stop Muntaner


M26 with transfer to H10 with transfer to 33 or 34


25 min

Unbeatable parking, blue zone and parking very close. Beware of some taxi drivers who will try to take you to another location for a commission. Our local is never closed.

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Badalona is a city on the outskirts of Barcelona with a privileged beach where you can take lovely walks in winter and enjoy incredible sunny days in summer. On this long beach you can enjoy countless plans such as enjoying a romantic walk on the shore, having some cocktails at the beach bars, laughing at the monologue nights in which the city is filled with laughter... And if you want to dance and enjoy with the catchiest music, don't miss the city's nightclubs like Titus or Splash, incredible places where you can practice the most forbidden steps until you become the king of the dance floor. And if you are wanting to make all these plans accompanied, do it with a beautiful and charming Badalona escort and enjoy them even more.

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If you have been invited to a private or work party and you want to go accompanied by an elegant, sophisticated, educated, very flirtatious woman who will conquer all the attendees with her beauty and personality, here you will find the best companions (not whores) for a night full of commitments become a fun evening, full of laughter and flirtation and making all your colleagues die of envy. An escort Badalona with a spectacular figure, with an infectious laugh and an interesting conversation, who speaks several languages and who defends herself in any conversation. Ready to dazzle everyone?

Here you can also meet escorts Badalona perfect for going out to dinner. Enjoy a pleasant evening after a long day at work, a romantic dinner that makes you lose track of time and forget about the outside world. The best companions (not whores) to go to a high-end restaurant where you can taste the best delicacies, with an impeccable atmosphere that helps you feel comfortable at all times while you fall more and more in love with the beauty in front of you. A beautiful woman, with the gift of conversation and with a smile that leaves you fascinated. What are you waiting for to fall in love?

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