Paraphilia: freaking out sexual obsessions

15 December 2014  - 
Sexual obsessions and deviations

Even though many people still practice the old and stuck worldwide traditional in and out in the bedroom, in the bathroom, on the sofa, and maybe on the beach or in the car, there are others who cannot help it, but going beyond sex limits and looking for new sensations. Sometimes they cross the line, and later they go back to where they started; and sometimes, the act of going beyond, means doing things we did not think we would ever do. Paraphilia, the off-limits sexual arousal ways.


First of all, let's describe the meaning of paraphilia. We understand paraphilia as the way of sexual arousal and satisfaction that comes from a fantasy and from carrying out an atypical and extreme behaviour. A paraphilia act can involve objects like underwear, as well as animals, flashing or self-harm.

We acknowledge a paraphilia when this objects and situations are absolutely essential to get to the sexual arousal and pleasure.

Paraphilia is understood as something disgusting, unusual or abnormal, like the exhibitionism or flashing, the voyeurism or peeping Tomism, the frottage with strangers, the sadism (to cause pain and humiliation to somebody), the masochism (to suffer humiliation) or doing obscene phone calls.

Other paraphilia go further, like the arousal caused by the excrements, urine and even corpses. What a champions!


Freud would become mad these days with the new technologies and sexual practices. There are so many things to learn about! For instance, having sex through text messaging. How wonderful! Everything is a fantasy and there is no contact at all. Well, about the sexual messages amount sent around the world every hour, we think we don't need to search the Intrastat data, it is simply a question of imagination. Sexting is so in. Since we stay at home for chatting, meeting people on the sites, and we keep whatsapping with people when we are spending time with others, why not figuring a fantasy about good sex through messaging? It is quite alluring, isn't it?

Sexting… Yes, let's admit it is a nice word, but there are better ones out there.


Do not look for it in the Oxford Dictionary, because there is no definition for this paraphilia. However, if we explain it a little bit, you might understand it, especially if you are a lady. Unlike most of the paraphilia, this is a very womanish paraphilia.

It is about the attraction women feel for these bad boys, especially felons and murderers, actually, real bad boys. Sometime in life, nearly all women have felt attracted by a man who wasn't the most appropriate for them, but in some cases, some ladies get as far as feeling hibristophilia. Let's remember the case of the “katana murderer”, a young Murcian boy who beheaded his parents and sister in a bloody night; and who, after his imprisonment, received hundreds of letters from girls around Spain, who wanted to have a love relationship with him. Hello?

Psychiatrists have spent time investigating this strange female behaviour, and they have reached two conclusions. The first one, women who have suffered from abuse all their life, want to start a relationship with men who are locked in jail. The second one is that some women want an extremely strong and feared father for their children.

Hibristophilia is one of the most interesting paraphilia, because in quite a lot of cases, the ladies are the attempting murderers who brainwash the guys to execute their lethal dream of killing somebody else.

Exhibitionism or flashing

This paraphilia is old news for all women, yet it is not unusual that a man would flash his cock to a lady in a park.

Flashers only want to flash out, and they usually never get to sexually assault anybody, however, they are extremely happy when they flash their willies and wank them in front of a packed of ladies square, who are having their afternoon tea.

Who cannot tell a story about this paraphilia? It happens in a boulevard, in a garden, in a doorway, in a car, and anywhere the bloke thinks he can satisfy his sexual desire of being watched while playing with his john.

Voyeurism or peeping Tomism

The voyeurism or peeping Tomism consists in getting pleasure and arousal through looking to others, who do not know if they are being watched, in common activities such cooking lentils, having a shower, having a pee, cleaning the house, and of course, getting dressed.

The peeping Tom is this individual, usually a bloke, who goes out and about, leaving his wife home watching Big Brother, while he spends his time looking out through the neighbours' rear windows. Are not the Big Brother's fans, proper peeping Toms as well?

Are we not all a bit of peeping Toms? If you could watch your stunning neighbour putting his trousers on, would you draw the curtain, or would you keep watching? If your sweet neighbour would be getting ready her salad, unaware that you are looking, would you stop watching, or would you keep enjoying the view for a little longer?

The bomb blast

The bomb blast is a marriage between a flasher and a peeping Tom. When the wife takes her husband to the shrink because he is insane; that woman, who makes him cum in happiness when he watches her through the window, the doctor finds out that he is a peeping Tom indeed, but she is a number one flasher. She is craving for him looking at her at all times, so she leaves the bathroom door open in purpose, she gets dressed exposing her back to her husband, who is looking at her with his pumping-out eyeballs. They are made for each other. A beautiful couple! Lots of fun!


In the coming posts, we will talk about more paraphilia, their symptoms and causes, not in a medical point of view, but from a funny angle, and eager to learn more about our sexual drives, because they exist, and they belong to us, as it does our skin.

15 December 2014  - 

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