Inked escorts

30 March 2015  - 
Inked escorts

Why do some people get tempted by tattoos and ink their deepest life experiences, or philosophy on their skin? There are many tattoo-fans who totally cover their bodies with tattoos, and some clients of the best inked escorts are always willing to have a date with them. Inked escorts have acquired importance and they are among the most prominent and hottest options to spend an unforgettable paid-sex night; now they can compare to young university escortsRussian escortsluxury escorts, or Brazilian escorts demand.

Tattoos' sex-appeal

Tattoos have accompanied human beings' history since immemorial times. There are clients who look for inked escorts rather than others. These clients usually ask each other about inked-to-the-fullest escorts on forums.

Dating an inked escort can fulfill the fucking-a-bad-girl sexual fantasy. In addition, you will get to know your escort better, not only by undressing her, but by listening to the stories that her skin reveals.

The naming variety of escorts increases at the same time as the paid-sex business gets more competitive, being inked escorts one of the most outstanding varieties.

Inked escorts are explosive girls who are known by their glances, their behavior, and their tattoos. Do they offer a better sexual relationship thanks to the personal stories and experiences that their tattoos reveal?

Tattoos are not a trend and they don’t refer to a determined social class either; many people, from rich and famous people to normal people, have been tempted by them.

Tattoos become particularly attractive when it comes to a date with a stunning escort. Inked escorts have a well-deserved renown. Let’s see why tattoos are so excitingand what they are linked to from a psychological perspective.

Are inked escorts bad girls?

On an inked skin’s escort you can find any kind of tattoo, ranging from the traditional angel’s wings to the devil, including hearts, sculpted women, words, wild animals, or mythological characters. What does a tattoo mean? Why are they so attractive? Is it really that bad to print a few words on you that are hard to get rid of? Are tattoos that impressive because they talk about the deepest thoughts and experiences of an inked escort?

Tattoos, psychology, and sex

Some psychological studies reveal that the words “inked escort” are seen as a synonym for “femme fatale”.  Many people are not used to tattoos; that is why it is usual that they link tattoos to bad girls. This is probably the main reason why inked escorts are that interesting. A casual affair based on having sex with a bad girl can be highly exciting. This is the secret weapon of inked escorts.

Such studies also evaluate the perception of an inked person in relation to sex. It is thought that inked people are sexually more active and passionate than non-inked people. This bad-and-hot-girl halo is what makes inked escorts be one of the most demanded escort groups, not to mention other relevant escort groups such as Brazilian escorts, Russian escorts, young university escorts, and luxury escorts. Girls who decide to cover their skin with ink and hidden messages have big success among men.

Celebrities’ tattoos

Tattoos can look like a trend, but they are not. Human beings have tattooed since immemorial times because of different reasons such as pertaining to a group, succeeding on a fight, or differentiating their social status. People have tattooed for almost every reason over the course of history.

Many current celebrities choose tattoos as a way to differentiate themselves, or to express their feelings to the world at a single glance. Sometimes tattoos are mere ornaments, like the plant motif ones that escorts have on their backs, or arms.

Other tattoos become worldly known since the very moment they appear on the Internet. This is the case of Miley Cyrus, who has a tattoo of her recently dead pet-fish inked on her arm. Probably the fish died because he listened to Miley singing in the shower.

Another legendary tattoo is the one that Angelina Jolie had on her pussy. It is a bad idea to choose the name of her partner for that part of the skin, which is very smooth and delicate. Once the relationship was over, she had to remove it with laser; she said that removing it was more painful than splitting up.

Despite the above mentioned linking of tattoos to bad girls, Jolie is a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, and she has the quote “know your rights” inked on her back. It is a great message to read.

Johnny Depp describes his collections of tattoos as the diary of his live. The names of his sons are among the main tattoos of this gorgeous actor.

Most tattoos of football player and model David Beckham are dedicated to her wife, posh Spice Girl Victoria Adams. One of his most outstanding tattoos is inked in Hebrew, and can translate to “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”.

Scarlett Johansson has one tattoo on her rib cage that it is known to be the ugliest tattoo ever: a badly drawn horseshoe and the words “lucky you”.

Singer Pink has around 22 tattoos. The name of her husband is not among her tattoos, she is more cunning than Angelina Jolie.

In conclusion, tattoos always express something, impress people who don’t have them, and are very exciting and interesting for many people. 

30 March 2015  - 

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