Colombian escorts: wet and hot

24 July 2014  - 
High class Colombian escorts

The Colombian beautiful landscape and its people from all around the globe -who have settled over there-, have beget its beautiful and crossbreed women. A country with a mixture of opposites, on one side there is Bogotá, its cold capital city, and on the other side there are the Caribbean and Pacific warm beaches. Colombia is a place where beautiful, lovely and fun-loving ladies are born. Its culture and lifestyle is male-driven, women are very compliant with men: men's pleasure is the most important thing for Colombian ladies. Do not miss a booking date with a Colombian escort, we will explain you why.

Skin-deep sensuality

Colombian escorts have an extremely smooth skin thanks to the country's natural good food and the inhabitants' healthy diet. It is a cliché to speak of hot sunny Colombia, but actually Colombian escorts are hot and horny, and love having fun and sex with gentlemen non-stop all night long.

Their Caribbean blood gives them curvy fit defined bodies. They are usually medium sized, around 5,41 feet tall. Their rosy fleshy lips will drive the client crazy during the booking date night. Their accent is sweet and soft and their laughter is lovely. Colombian escorts usually have dark, deep and slanted eyes, and they know how to glance and arouse a man who is looking for the best passionate escort's services.

Apart from Bogotá, a pretty cold and rainy city, all the country is wet -humid- and hot. This same two words describe the Colombian escorts, amongst the most wanted escorts in the world. Only naming Colombia, a guy knows perfectly what is in store for him. Colombian escorts are wet and hot, like the country's weather.

The Colombian escort's brown skin is scented with their generous remote land natural fragrance, smelling at coffee, tropical fruits and joy, perfuming the time spent with the client.

A very sensual booking date

A booking date with a Colombian escort can start in the 
nightlife area in Barcelona, for instance, in La Vie en Rose bar, meeting and having a drink and a nice conversation with the lady. You will see very quickly how nice and sensual she is. She knows her ways, how to walk, how to get you a stiff with only a glance, how to talk fun and easy, making you forget the outside world while you enjoy your gin-tonic with her.

You might buy her dinner or go clubbing with her. In this last case, she would drive you crazy with her Latin hip twerk, while you would be staring at her long smooth shiny hair sliding down her back, dreaming about her open legs before you.

Later on, you would give in to the temptation of renting a 
luxury room in Barcelona. La vie en rose offers the best facilities to reach climax in your booking date with your Colombian escort. The suites are equipped with the best facilities for sex with the Colombian escort with privacy and all the details: a bathtub, selected music, a bottle of champagne, a Nespresso coffee machine, a plasma big screen with a selection of porn movies, chromotherapy for your state of mind inspiration, and last but no least, a scrupulous hygiene care and full health control.

How to describe a Colombian escort

Talking to one of the Colombian escorts who work around our nightlife area, we asked her how she would describe an escort from Colombia. She highlighted their strong point is a men-melter sensuality as well as their joy for life, since they are good fun and guys really have a good time with them either in bed or clubbing.

She also said “we come from a warm country where pleasing gentlemen is the most important thing, we love having sex outdoors, on the beach, in the water, anywhere; we love dancing, drinking rum and whisky, shaking our hips with our man, driving him crazy and french-kissing him”. She kind of spoke about a hypothetical date with a Colombian escort. In La vie en rose  we are lucky to work with them, because they are a hard match for the rest of the girls from overseas.

When we asked about their personality, the Colombian escort said they are cheerful and tend to forget about worries when they are having fun. “Life is short and we are not getting any younger, life is not meant to be a sour place full of problems and fights or whatever negative issue it can hand, but otherwise. Most of my clients book an appointment to fuck me, and then they come back to fuck me again and also to go out for drinks and to have fun in Barcelona. Obviously our positive personality spreads around them, as well as their looking for sex just to forget about their ugly businesses”.

So, we found out a 
Colombian escort is a perfect character, always in a good mood, pretty-faced, with a stunning body, and last but no least, a sex machine, a sensual passionate woman. If you want to try one of the best escorts from the globe, call for a booking date with her and you will enjoy a nice conversation in a bar, you will let her joy for life be part of yours. You will go dancing with her or will rent a suite to enjoy dirty and powerful sex with no taboos. Her curvy fit body will make you lose track of time as well as yourself through her hands and legs. Once you will finish, indeed you will book a date with her again.

24 July 2014  - 

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