The ladies' top five attractive features according to gentlemen

10 November 2014  - 
What men find most attractive in escorts

In this post we are going to approach what do gentlemen like about ladies, and, on the contrary of mainstream opinions, we got to some surprises in the preferences' list. In order to find out what the male audience likes, we have spoken to some regular clients, who have a familiar relationship with the escorts . And talking about familiarity, we have decided to ask them aboveboard, and thus they have answered. Although the following list does not add anything new, the preferences order certainly is different to the general opinion.

The boobs

The fifth place is for the boobies. We have spoken to a client and he told us: “Yes, indeed, we cannot deny it. A uni girl escort or a very young escort's titties really drive us crazy, as well as a senior escort breasts or a bisexual escort knockers, we don't mind. Boobies are very important, but they are not the only detail that makes me choose an escort. I like them medium-sized, I don't like them so big your hands feel shrunken, or so small she might not even need a bra. The senior escort I usually book appointments with has the perfect size, a 36C cup, and sometimes I buy her lingerie, I love holding them when we have sex”. How about the natural vs. surgery boobs subject?

A Brazilian escort said natural boobs are better, however many clients don't really mind as long as they are beautiful. “My experience tells me that guys like big breasts, the bigger the better, but they also look for other features”.

The face

So the face wins the fourth place... Is it not important a pretty face? Of course, this are great news for the less beautiful ladies. A regular client told us “when I was waiting for a very young escort I had a booking with, I was experiencing a stiff while looking to the girls walking down the street, and I certainly did not care if they were not very pretty, it was not very important for me. Thank god the uni girl escort got to the appointment and I could let myself go, because I was getting bloody horny”.

And this must be true, nice faces are not so important for men, since in our conversation with the escorts, the bisexual escort said when she usually practices Lesbian sex for her clients, they do not really care if the other escort is pretty or not, they are more interested in having two pairs of tits to grab, rather than two lovely faces in both sides of the bed. The uni girl escort said otherwise, for her, it is very important to look after her face, since her clients always praise her beauty and call her because she has a pretty face.

The eyes

In the third place, the clients confessed the eyes are quite relevant when it is time for seduction. “I always look the escort in the eyes when we are in bed. I usually book appointments with a lovely escort, a senior escort I am very fond of, with whom I communicate without words. Sex is great with her, we shag like hell, I look her straight in the eyes and I know she is enjoying my cock, and this makes me feel really satisfied”.

Another client spoke about his relationship with a Colombian escort: “She has a stunning body, but what I really like is her gaze, her deep dark eyes that are looking at me with desire when we are having sex, I book an appointment with her every time I can”.

The escorts know how to use their charms with their clients, and the power of their eyes is a great asset. It is not a matter of the eyes as plain eyes, but how they use them, and how they talk through them. Blue and green eyes are very startling, yet not for those men who like brunettes, who usually have brown eyes and hair.


We get to the second place of the ranking, something gentlemen judge as very important: Legs! Clients say a senior escort or a uni girl escort with pretty legs is a sex bomb. Sexy slender long legs are the gentlemen's option. A client confessed when he sees a long-legged escort, he melts down as cheese in the oven: “I usually go to La Vie en Rose to have some drinks to start the weekend party, and when I see an escort with long and slender legs I get really hot. I remember a booking I had with a very attractive senior escort... When she got to the bar with that super short dress showing off those legs, I could not help it but gave myself up to her”.

Another regular client mentioned his experience with long legs: “In one of my booking dates I met a very young escort with gorgeous legs, she had slender sexy legs, she walked knowing how aroused we got only looking at them. It was amazing, I will never forget that experience in bed”.

The bum

Of course! The buttocks are one of the ladies biggest attractive features, but what really surprised us was that it was in a higher position over the boobies in this ranking. What makes the ass so likeable? We have asked our clients about this subject and they said calmly “when we stare at your bums is because we figure them swaying when we fuck you from behind. I always ask it to the escort I book appointments with. I really like this bisexual escort with a gorgeous body, who drives me crazy when she gets on her fours shaking that ass”.

So this is the ranking about men's tastes, curiously in the top position there is no room for the boobs, not even the face has a relevant place... Well, next time you go to the gym work out thoroughly your behind, because for many guys this is your “business card”.

10 November 2014  - 

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