Latin 28 years
  • Height 173 cm
  • Weight 59 kg
  • Measures 98-67-98
  • Languages Spanish, English

Latin beauty with endless curves!!

This 28 year old Latina beauty, tall and curvy, is not afraid to show all her sensuality and passion for life. Her attractive figure is something that does not go unnoticed, but what really sets her apart is her self-confidence and her ability to demonstrate her full potential. She is an intelligent and capable woman, who loves to demonstrate her skills and knowledge at any opportunity that comes her way. Her strong personality is inspiring and engaging, often leaving a lasting impression on those with whom she interacts.

  Despite her self-assured nature, this woman has a compassionate heart and loves to make those around her happy. Whether through small acts of kindness or grand gestures, he is always looking for ways to improve the lives of others. Seeing people smile is one of the things that makes her happiest. Very active woman and is always looking for new experiences. She loves to travel, try new foods, and have fun with her friends and loved ones. She is a lover of music and dance, and can often be found on the dance floor swaying her hips to the music. T his 28-year-old Latina is a unique combination of beauty, intelligence, and compassion. Her presence is illuminating and her energy is contagious, and she is a person who makes a lasting impression on all who meet her.

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francesco ROMA
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