The word swingers comes from the English verb swinging, which in Spanish means change, so the terms that describe this sexual practice, and that sound more familiar to all of us, are swingers or liberal partners. Later we will explain that other sexual techniques are directly related to this one.

What is the origin of the word Swingers?


The origins are established in the Philippines, where some military groups met in a club, and carried out what they called "wife swapping". Each of them put the key to a room where his wife was in a hat and then took the key to another room. Although the most accepted hypothesis is that of origin in the United States between the 1940s and 1960s. 

In Spain, this type of practices began to be known in the seventies and apparently "they were rich things". Only in luxury chalets, these types of meetings were held with groups of non-professional couples. Already since the mid-1990s the swinger movement began to spread and since 2000 clubs have been proliferating in which only the entrance of clients who are willing to make exchanges is accepted. 

Couples often hide their practice, because sometimes it can be complex both to explain and to understand. As main bases, it is obvious that both members of the couple must agree, but it is very important to strictly follow the norms, rules and codes that are established in this sexual game.


Other practices associated with the swingers game Barcelona


First, we will explain roughly some of the situations that can occur in this type of exchange, and as we mentioned at the beginning, that other practices are associated. The first option would be to have sex with your own partner, while someone watches masturbating or not. 

Here voyeurism is added. There are people who enjoy watching, and come to ejaculate without even touching, just with the excitement it causes. A second option would lead us to have sex with our partner in the same room where other couples are also doing it. In a third stage already more advanced, we could reach what is called "soft swing" or light exchange, which consists of kissing, caressing the body or performing oral sex on a third or fourth participant. We could relate this situation to "petting", with the difference that this last technique if we perform it on our own partner. 

For the most advanced, there is only the "full swap" or complete exchange, which does not consist of anything other than practicing penetration with another person besides our partner. The complexity that we referred to in the previous paragraph is evident because it can lead to insurmountable problems in the couple. Feeling of guilt for not knowing how to satisfy, pain if we think that an infidelity has been committed, frustration, jealousy ... We should always be sure of what we do, but this time it is essential.


Swingers Barcelona, ​​the rules of the game!


In order to fully enjoy this group practice and that the heart does not play tricks on us, very clear rules are established:

- NO is NO. It is essential that all participants agree with what is going to be done, and respect if someone rejects the offer.

- Mandatory condom use.

- No affective commitments with any of the participants.

So that the consequences of these encounters are not dire, it is enough to enter and leave aware that it has been a plus of enjoyment and pleasure for the couple, without further repercussion. 

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