Squirting refers to the expulsion of vaginal fluids during the orgasm. Some women emit fluids during the sexual excitement or orgasm.

Squirting is the term we use to define female ejaculation or the expulsion of vaginal fluids. Some women are able to emit fluids sporadically or habitually during the sexual excitement or orgasm. Female ejaculation is a healthy and perfectly normal sexual response that shouldn't be stigmatized or considered to be embarrassing or weird.

Although this practice has often been surrounded by an air of mystery and also ignored by mane, fortunately, the situation has changed and we are unveiling all its mysteries little by little.

The squirting consists of sexually exciting and stimulating a woman to the highest point, ending with the expulsion of vaginal fluids, in the same way that men expel semen or sperm when they reach orgasm.

It should be noted that this is a very requested service, the most adventurous men are looking forward to find women who enjoy sex as much as them and squirting is an infallible proof to make sure of that. The techniques used to reach squirting are highly exciting and pleasing, dare to find out the most interesting and exciting about female sexuality: squirting.


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