Ask us about the sexual practices you would like to experiment with but haven't seen in our list. We'll be happy to attend you and together we'll find a way to make your fantasies come true.

Hidden passions, sexual fetishes, erotic fantasies, philias, everything fits in this section. To set the concept of sexual philia in a context, we will state that there are people who obtain sexual pleasure through objects or situations which don't need to be directly related to sex.

We have already mentioned some sexual philias like golden shower, but there are a lot more we haven't talked about yet. There are so many possibilities that the list would never end, but we will mention some practices that escorts are used to face and are more common than you think.

Altocalciphilia is the sexual attraction for high heel shoes; dacryphilia is the name given to getting sexual excitement after watching someone crying; voyeurism is a philia that consists of getting excited while watching someone unaware of it; and enjoying role games and costumes is a very common philia.

If you are curious and daring and have any special request, this is the right time to pick up the phone and ask us about sexual practices or special fetishes that you have never had the opportunity to try so far.

ESCORTS THAT DO Other sexual practices

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Here you have detailed the sexual practices more commonly provided by the escorts that visit our club.

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