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Facefucking is one of the hardest and most enjoyable practices known within the sex industry. Let's say it takes the gold medal in any bedroom for the maximum pleasure that a man can enjoy during this practice. Are you ready to put into practice the wildest and most passionate form of fellatio? If so, do not hesitate to come to La Vie en Rose and see which escorts perform this daring service. Read more


Facefucking or the most extreme sexual pleasure


Face fucking, also known as facefuck, is a sexual activity that is closely related to the practice of BDSM rather than to fellatio or conventional oral sex as the majority of public opinion tends to believe. And why is this so? Well, if we translate the concept literally, we find the expression “face fucked”, it is clear to us that, therefore, in this sexual practice it is the man who penetrates the woman's mouth in order to reach the climax. In the subsequent paragraphs we will clarify some curiosities, types of escorts who do it and tricks to carry out a most pleasant facefuck. Do you want to live such an adventure and feel how it is you who has pleasure under control? Well, read on, at La Vie en Rose the place to make all your fantasies possible.


How to facefucking correctly?


It is not that there is a manual on how to perform a perfect face fucking, but what does exist is a series of tricks that we will leave you below and, above all, keep in mind that when you go to do it you have the assistance of a professional from the world of sex. Escorts for facefucking are usually girls who, regardless of their age, are clear about what kind of sex they like. Open minded, wild and daring are some of the characteristics that make face fucking with them a real dream. Dare to discover one of these sweethearts that collaborate in La Vie en Rose and discover the most captivating practice that you will find in the bedroom.


And now, if what you want is to experience this practice in all its splendor, take note: as a man you must be the one who directs the action, unlike in the blowjob that is she who controls the movement, intensity and amount of member that it gets into the mouth. It is recommended that, although he is very excited, the man is aware that it is the woman who is being penetrated, therefore, he must be careful and make it easier to grab the woman by the nape or hair in order to direct the movement of the penetration towards the head of his partner. The last of the advice, but not the least important, is that the woman has the ability to swallow deeply as when performing a deep throat. In this way, the woman will be fully aware of the capacity she has to welcome her partner's member in her mouth without ceasing to give up the pleasure that the man can give her.


Poses for a dream facefucking


To perform the face-fucking activity in a safe, sensual and fun way, take note of the following tips. This way you will make sure you reach the climax in a pleasant way and you can make sure that your partner enjoys the activity like you, without causing any discomfort.


Yes, it is the man who takes the direction of sexual activity in this practice, but that does not mean that in it the woman is seen as a passive element. In fact, she has a really important role if she wants to try to intensify her partner's pleasure. The role of the escort is important since, being close to the waist of her lover, she has both hands free to unleash her imagination: caressing the scrotum of her companion or sticking a finger or more for the year will be one of the options that will turn that pleasant moment into an unbearable ecstasy for your lover.


In terms of positions, the most recommended is the man standing and the girl on her knees, in this way he has control of the rhythm and depth to which he submits his member in the woman's mouth. In addition, the woman is freer in this position since she manages the swing produced by her companion better. The second recommended position is 69, but with the escort specialized in facefucking positioned at the top, the movement is wider and she can better adapt to the occasion.


A luxury facefucking, but where to find it?


Facefucking, even if it is considered a beast or rude practice, is very pleasant but not endurable by all girls. From La Vie en rose we want to emphasize that we collaborate with professional experts in this and other techniques with which they will help you reach the most pleasant climax thanks to their morbid presence and their dedicated precision in the lovemaking arts.


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