Escorts with their own apartment

Do you want to enjoy the services of escorts with their own apartment? Enter our directory on our website and discover which of the beautiful girls who collaborate in La Vie en Rose can assist you in their apartment. Give the morbid and adventure a chance and enter the most intimate territories of the escort that accompanies you ... Are you going to miss it? Read more

Escorts with their own apartment in Barcelona


Debate between having a meeting within a meeting place or at home is something that affects more than one person. It may be that, despite the exquisite decoration of the luxurious rooms at La Vie en Rose, you do not feel it as your own, as a welcoming environment. But, on the other hand, perhaps you are not clear about opening the doors of your den, either because you have not had time to leave the apartment untouched or because you are very reserved of your privacy and it is a bit difficult to show the apartment to a spectacular girl you just met ... In these cases the solution is very simple: escorts with their own apartment in Barcelona. Yes, you read it right. This option is the most comfortable and easy for both parties, the first because you preserve your privacy and you should not go to a dating club in case you think that someone could discover you or see you around and, on the other hand, the escort will be more comfortable because she usually shares an apartment with other escorts and that gratifies a most sensual and libertine environment inside the apartment.

How to find escorts with their own apartment?


The truth is that it is very simple. You just need to browse our website, get to the directory where you can find the most spectacular girls and select the option of escorts with their own apartment. To choose who you want to spend a night with among the various girls that are in the directory, you will be able to help yourself with some information found in each file: their name, age, place of birth and the list of services they perform, as well as a incredible photographic report that will leave you wanting to know them in more depth.

To be able to contact her, you just have to look at which of the girls are available and make an appointment with them or, call the number of our local La Vie en Rose and ask for the type of girl you are looking for the receptionist, for sure that she can advise you and match you with the one that makes you vibrate with pleasure.

What kind of services do escorts with their own apartment offer?


How's your nerves going before a date? With the service of escorts with their own apartment, entering your apartment is like giving free rein to the wettest dreams of your adolescence. Let yourself be seduced by a warm atmosphere, an elegant as well as morbid girl and enjoy all the services it has to offer you ... Do you want to know which ones? Imagine starting with a girlfriend experience, this young woman straddling you, taking off your shirt and kissing every part of your body, and then ending up in a juicy and wet kiss, then let her move forward and enjoy the best BBBJ you've ever tasted, almost as moist and invigorating as above. Let your imagination run wild with a facefucking, a good anal sex session or end your big night with the most lustful and pleasurable BDSM session.

The girls who collaborate with La Vie en Rose are goddesses of sex who perfectly impress their lovers, they know exactly what you are looking for at the right time. Forget the somewhat cold sessions and the lovers of the past who did not know how to satisfy you, these girls have their own apartments that could be considered the amusement park of the adults. Meet your escort and her companions, they were all born with a body made for sin and born skills to make their lovers shudder during intercourse. Go over her entire body with your hands, let yourself be carried away by her slow and sticky movements while she rides on you or be you who sets the rules thanks to the sado-submissive experience.

Do you want to break your routine? Or just have a good time? Discover the limits of pleasure at the hands of the most spectacular escorts with their own apartment in Barcelona and give a happy ending to your week.


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