Escorts for strap-on in Barcelona

Do you want to discover the magic of new pleasures with the strap-on? Feel the excitement, pleasure and desire to try new experiences accompanied by a beautiful girl who knows how to guide you and make you reach the stars at La Vie en Rose. And now, let your creativity develop in the lovemaking arts with the company and professionalism of an escort in Barcelona. Read more


What is the strap-on?


The strap-on is a sex toy that works as a harness or belt. Normally made of materials such as leather or synthetic material for the fastening part of the harness itself and a silicone part for the dildo, although sometimes it is usually made of latex or other materials suitable for and a silicone dildo, latex or other safe materials for insertion into the body such as ABS plastic, glass or steel. In this way we achieve maximum safety and also tons of pleasure.


If you have to think about the benefits of the strap-on when using it in the bedroom, we have it clear: the morbid feeling of feeling dominated, giving women the absolute power to give you pleasure and the indescribable sensations that will make you reach the climax, makes this beloved toy one of the most popular in recent years. Dare to surrender your body to the pleasures of domination and the most intense morbid thanks to the professionalism and seduction skills of one of the strap-on escorts in Barcelona. Do you feel like feeling the sin in your own flesh?


What is pegging?


Maybe you like to pegging but don't know the meaning of the term. Pegging is the activity resulting from sexual activities where the man is dominated and the woman is the dominator, especially linked to the use of harnesses and sex toys. Make your way to new erotic moments, put aside social conventions and enjoy one of the most sweet and intense experiences of your life with a professional strapon escort. Also, if what you like is the change of roles, think that there are many possibilities within the services offered by the collaborators of our premises: take a look at the anal fisting or vaginal fisting with which to get in tune before conducting a session Intensive sex or simply let yourself be carried away by other more specialized services such as sado-mistress or sado-submissive that you will find in the services section of our website.


And… why is it so pleasant to have an encounter with an escort and a strap-on? Well, for the same reasons that caressing and inserting a finger into a man's anus gives pleasure: thanks to the male G-spot. Yes, this small bulge found inside the male rectal cavity will be the door to enjoy a wonderful night of passion of the most intense. So, wait no more, you are just one step away from radiating fieryness and passion on all four sides thanks to the practice of pegging. Keep reading and discover the simplest recommendations to enjoy this little toy and reach orgasm ...


Magical experiences with the strap-on service in Barcelona


To be able to enjoy this activity safely, you need the help of a sex professional, such as any of the luxury escorts that collaborate in La Vie en Rose. This does not mean that at a certain point you cannot carry out this activity at home with your partner, but that you simply have to be careful with this sex toy since improper, rough use or without lubricant could cause injury to the person who receive the pleasure. On the other hand, at La Vie en Rose we have the collaboration of experienced escorts who will be your perfect companion on a night where satisfaction, fun and passion will join you to make you moan with pleasure.


If you want to take into account some simple recommendations: the preliminaries are unique to put you both in tones, the environment and the position in which you receive your pleasant punishment must be carried out in a comfortable and communicative environment. Finally, you must take into account the correct lubrication of the strap-on, the rest will be to relax and let yourself go to live one of the most fulfilling experiences of your entire life.


If you want to experience something like this, do not hesitate, find your expert escort in strap-on and give a new dimension to your sexual experiences in La Vie en Rose.