The Sexual Fantasy of practicing sex with one sex professional is minimized next to the fantasy of making a trio with two sex professionals. The Duplex with two escorts.


If enjoying a duplex has always been in your fantasies but you have not found the perfect company to do it or you have simply never dared to go a step there, this is the time to end all prejudices and taboos and launch yourself into the search the perfect orgasm. If, on the contrary, you are a complete addict to this practice and you are looking for the most absolute perfection, you are in the right place. Are you ready to roll around in the sheets and end a happy smile on your face?


What is duplex service?


A duplex is one of the variants that exists of the so-called sexual trio where the man enjoys an experience in bed with two heterosexual women ready to give them the most extreme pleasure. This practice allows a multitude of games, sexual positions, different preliminaries, etc. It is a very versatile service in which lovers can stay on the basic principles of the trio or they can innovate and look even more morbid including other more morbid and exciting practices. Sometimes this service offers a variant in that the escorts also offer a lesbian show or service, although that will always depend on the sexual tendencies of the professionals.


For example, the trio could start with a three-way erotic shower, in which the two escorts enter with the man and stimulate his body with soapy caresses. Later, already in bed, the man can choose to practice oral sex on an escort while the second escort is on top of him. Or you can enjoy a BBBJ of the most pleasant while caressing or kissing the second girl. There are many variants and various choreographies to make a perfect duplex, the important thing is the connection between the three people and abandoning all kinds of shame or fear in order to enjoy each of the seconds.


Duplex specialist escorts


It is not always easy to find girls willing to have a threesome, and it is not always easy for them to exceed the expectations that men have created in their fantasies. Therefore, the best option is always to go to specialists and hire the services of expert duplex escorts. They are professional and dedicated girls who will give you an amazing and fun experience where you can make the hottest and most daring dreams come true, the most humid and morbid wishes you have ever imagined. If an experience with two women in bed can make you lose your mind, an adventure with two professional escorts between the sheets will drive you completely crazy.


If you have always wanted to have two women in bed who are dying to give you pleasure, it is time to stop dreaming and take action because today you can make that fantasy come true. The duplex is one of the most recurring sexual desires among men, one of the most requested services among luxury escorts, with this practice a level of passion, lust and debauchery is reached that will make you lose track of time and open you wide open the gates of pleasure. What are you waiting for to experience new sensations and enjoy a passionate and more than perfect adventure?


Where to enjoy a duplex in Barcelona?


You may have already decided to make this fantasy come true but you can't find how to do it in the city. At La Vie en Rose collaborate the most spectacular and beautiful luxury escorts in Barcelona, ​​professional and ardent girls who enjoy themselves to the fullest when there are more than two people in a room, who control the tempo of the moment and the situation and who know how to make you enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.


Do not think twice and come to our luxury venue, soak up the eroticism that breathes there and stay hypnotized by the decoration of our high-end suites while you wait for the two beautiful escorts who are going to give their all so that you receive maximum pleasure possible. Are you ready to make each and every one of your fantasies come true? Then come and meet vip duplex specialist escorts and let yourself be seduced by these sex goddesses.


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Here you have detailed the sexual practices more commonly provided by the escorts that visit our club.

La Vie en Rose is a brothel full of glamour that radiates eroticism everywhere. The luxury escorts in Barcelona you will find have been carefully chosen to satisfy all your erotic fantasies. Tell us your sexual fantasy and we will help you choose the most complete escort to make it come true. They say anything goes in sex so don't be shy and explain to us what is it that you want, as our mission is to make sure your stay and the service you have chosen is to your liking. We will help you clarify any doubts you may have. Here you have detailed de most common sexual practices performed by the escorts that visit our club.