If you think that you have to point out how beautiful, well educated or wonderful you are, maybe you’re not. If an escort has to say she’s a luxury, she is not. This is a basic rule applied, generally, in life.

27 April 2017  - 

If you think that you have to point out how beautiful, well educated or wonderful you are, maybe you’re not. If an escort has to say she’s a luxury, she is not. This is a basic rule applied, generally, in life. In life as in brothels, what marks the difference is naturalness. Today, on our dear blog, we talk about this issue with the escorts at La Vie en Rose.

An escort offers herself, not only her body.

Maybe the client of your usual prostitute, commonly known as “whore”, wants to have a drink, if anything, and shortly afterwards a quick sexual relation kind of satisfactory. An escort’s client is interested on a wider spectrum of possibilities. Or at least that’s what people think.

We ask some of the girls we chatted with at La Vie en Rose. The Egyptian escort tells us that “it’s true that the luxury prostitution client looks for and expects a lot more on the date. Sometimes, it’s said that an evening with us doesn’t necessarily include sex. The truth is that normally it does but there’s also a before and after sex that changes everything. An escort offers herself, not only her body”.

So to clarify the difference between prostitutes and luxury escorts let’s first start with the actual client. He looks for a sexual relation and a lot more. In fact, everything that comes with it. The university student escort tells us from her point of view. “I know a few girls who often repeat they are luxury escorts when, in fact, they are not. It’s not that they lack the body, studies, even languages, but they lack the attitude, the class. Luxury escorts are something very exclusive, there are not as many as advertised on the newspapers”.

Classy, self made or born?

We ask the Italian escort, who bears the weight of the stereotype of fashion and elegance..” For me class is something you are born with. I’ve see women in the south of Italy, with old clothes and without jewellery or high heels that were stunning. They just tie up their hair with style, wear the clothes they have in a certain way and, above all, it’s their personality. The way they walk, the way they look, speak. Everything about them screams classy. Obviously it can’t be said about all of them but the one that has it in her doesn’t have to say it once”.

It’s obvious that escorts’ clients are looking for something very special. An essence that comes from the depths of each woman. It can’t be acquired in a shop and it can’t be faked. The more it’s faked the more you notice.

A luxury escort

The word “luxury” it’s worn off in our world. Labels make use of it to rise prices but the public’s sense is becoming more acute and, we shouldn’t forget, the offer on the internet is accessible and vast.

How can we detect if an escort is truly a luxury one or not? It’s complicated to discern among so many profiles as we have on the Net. One after the other, unless they are too coarse, we can’t tell easily.

Exaggeration is the opposite of me

We chat with the luxury escort about how to communicate that her profile is real and not invented. “Photographs and the text you write are very important although, to dispel doubts, a good video can clarify what kind of an escort you are and whether what you say about yourself is true. Clothes and make up can communicate a lot. There a girls’ profiles that are the very opposite of a luxury escort. I think exaggeration is the opposite of me. I like simplicity, elegance. That’s exactly what my clients want”.

Then we agree that it’s a richer evening if we are with a luxury lady. We assume that one of these professionals is capable of holding a fluid conversation on a variety of themes, speak languages and add a fine sense of humour to each situation. Been accompanied by a luxury escort can make us the centre of attention at a gathering and have our acquaintances amazed by the woman that’s with us.

Delaying the moment for sex is an art

But let’s no fool ourselves. The client that dates one of these escorts is also looking for sex. What’s sex with a luxury escort like? Can we do anything we want with her, like deep Greek or facial blowjobs?

Again, the luxury escort answers this question in everyone’s mind. “I have been with clients that have preferred not to have sex with me on the first date but it’s unusual. The man gets excited and, on time, naturally, wants to go to a hotel with me. The client rules over the encounter. I ask him what he feels like doing, sometimes they want us to go immediately but I like to enjoy their company. Delaying the moment for sex is an art. It’s a shame to skip seduction. I like to chat with the, use my weapons and also let myself be seduced. With a luxury escort they can do the same as with another sex professional, just the way of saying it won’t be as explicit. I always tell them to leave it all to me. I know what they desire”.

A date with a luxury escort presents itself to us as a totally different experience from what we had. A real secret to reveal.

27 April 2017  - 

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