07 November 2016  - 
  • I love you, honey

  • No, bae. If you loved me, you would practice anal sex with me.

  • Honey, no way. What you really want is to fuck me in the ass.

  • Seen that way…

This is a typical example of a conversation between a couple of fuckers in love. Time has gone by since the first fuck. They have been intensifying their sex levels. Performing some naughty practices. She has blown him and he has cum in her mouth. And after his insistence, she acceded to swallow it. That is love! What better than swallowing spunk to proof your feelings are true? It is obvious, anal sex! Or, fuck someone in the ass, like most people say.

Think about it. Were you wishing to have anal sex with your couple but your partner didn’t want? Did it provoke a negative input in your relationship? Vagina or anus, anus or vagina? Today, on our beloved blog, we are getting deep in anal sex, more commonly known as fuck someone in the ass.

Is it a proof of love?

Escorts and callgirls who offer anal sex, or A-levels know that they are playing with fire.

How many men who want to fuck someone in the ass see their fantasy frustrated! Trampled! But, why? Whatever, both of them are holes!

Escorts who perform anal sex are doing a great favor to society; especially to those people who want to reaffirm their negative to anal sex.

In some people’s eyes, this is a proof of passion, love and trust. They repeat their desire like a mantra. Maybe, someday, she gives in and accept being fucked in the ass for emotional ties. Truth is this it one of the most common arguments to convince a hesitant partner.

Porn fantasies

Porn movies, or a documentary about human despair by David Attenborough are two good sources to wank. Anal sex is one of the star practices in these movies. But, pay attention to that back hole!

Porn movies don’t show hygiene is needed to have anal sex. If you think about it for a second, nobody would put a dick in the mouth right after having been put in another ass.

Porn movies are focused on showing masculine pleasure overall. Only a few movies show feminine pleasure. The same dick gets from a mouth to a pussy and then to an ass. Actually, there’s a disinfectant wash process between each action.

When you ask for anal sex, think about sexually transmitted diseases, using a condom, buying an enema to empty your guts and using lube to avoid tearings and blood.

Enemas, lube, condoms

Although this may let you down, our duty is to claim for a save fucking for our own and our partner’s health.

That’s why now we are talking about enemas, lube and condoms. There are very good invents for anal sex. There are special condoms to have anal sex. They are tougher against rubbing and are harder to break. You can avoid an infection only by following this simple trick.

There are lubes with anaesthetic. They are advised for those who are mischief, but don’t want to feel pain during penetration. You must always use a condom, otherwise your dick will go as soft as a marshmallow.

Enemas can be found in chemists’ and drug stores. Before anal sex, it is convenient to have a cleaning of shit. Otherwise, the first penetration will make your shit pop out and smell. And this will be a mood-killer, or not. We don’t know. Depending on your coprophagia.

Turning the tables

We have openly asked to escorts about her experiences in anal sex. “Many of my clients ask for deep Greek anal sex because not all the escorts perform it. I perform it because I like it, I practiced it a lot and I know how to enjoy it. When my client arrives, I’ve already got my enema and I have a wide collection of lubes and condoms.”

We have also asked them: have you ever turn the tables? In other words, if there are clients who ask the escort to make them enjoy their own ass and this has be the answer: “Sometimes, I get a daring client. I think he is broad minded in sex, he isn’t gay but he likes me playing with his back door. We usually play with dildos, strap-ons, or our own fingers.

This means that there are men who are ready to enjoy their G-spot, which is only accessible by the anus.

So, we have a big announcement to make to girlfriends and wives in the world. If they ask you for a proof of love, you can also ask for it.

Iberic machos don’t reckon they have a G-spot

Iberic machos don’t reckon they have a G-spot because it is in their ass. How is it possible that their greatest pleasure is in their ass and not in their dick?

Anal sex is one of the most common fantasies among the clients of La Vie en Rose, but they are who reach orgasm by their ass!

Consequently, they should forget about taboos and religion, and lie down spread eagle while your partner prepare everything for the big penetration.

It is a proof of love and trust. From our casual blog, we want to encourage women to defend their right to have anal sex in both directions.

Creativity, complicity, pleasure. Who would deny to take a step which will make the difference in your masculine orgasms?

07 November 2016  - 

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