Whores and cinema, Ten films about prostitution

07 July 2014  - 
Top ten well-known movies on the subject of prostitution

Prostitution is considered a difficult and a hard work, there are other reviews saying the opposite. On one hand, it is a way to make fast money, easy
and in good quantity; on the other hand, we must have a strong stomach. Perhaps the difference is between being a bitch on the street and being a luxury escort, a mature escort or a university escort, for example.

Are escorts and whores the same thing? That’s a good question. Anyway, both mean fucking exchange for money, like another service, like someone who makes us a website or comes home to fix the air conditioning. In both cases, whether we call her as an escort or a whore, it is a sex trade. 

Some people see a clear difference between them, because the bitch is dedicated to collecting and fucking, no more, and an escort is dedicated to a more 
complete service. About the workplace, a whore works on the street and an escort usually works by appointments or leaving her phone in luxury brothels or agencies dedicated to look for girls for lonely men or men who want to pay for sex.

Cinema has tried to reflect many realities related to prostitution; many directors have been attracted by the idea of showing on the big screen the life of a person who prostitutes herself. These films have not passed unnoticed. People who are not bitches can not imagine this life, so that’s the reason why these films are well known. Some of them reflect a beautiful life with Prince Charming and a white ending in the church; others show the sordid life of a minor, the unleashed murderer instinct or gay prostitution. The fact is that these are films that have helped to show part of a whore life.
Escorts are less reflected in the films, perhaps because their lives are less dramatic. A street whore is much more exposed to the dangers than a 
luxury escort in Barcelona, for example.

The escorts, as their name suggests, are dedicated to accompany; naturally, it means a great time enjoying professional sex as well, but also a dinner together, a trip, a better atmosphere in 
luxury rooms and nightlife, adult entertainment or attention to couples.

Belle de jour: This film was produced three or four decades ago and it is still the number one in the lists of films about this topic. Catherine Deneuve, who is manifesting in France against gay marriage, has nothing to do with the beautiful young frigid wife in Luis Buñuel’s film. On the film, the woman fed up of her boring and frigid married life finds the outlet in a brothel in Paris where a couple of guys go to fuck; one of them is Francisco Rabal. Surreal and masterfully crafted, the film doesn’t show prostitution as an economic transaction but as liberation and a search for new sensations.

Pretty woman: How to turn the life of a whore into a romantic comedy? Here is the result. The film is so sweetish and romantic that the audience forgets she's a street whore getting the true love and marries dressing white in a church. Great to see a Sunday afternoon at the end leaves the impression that the main character, Julia Roberts, is a bitch but at the same time she is not.

Monster: In this movie, Charlize Theron, brilliantly characterized, plays the role of a street whore; alcoholic and on the verge of suicide finds love in a bar. Christina Ricci, a teen lesbian, invites her a beer and takes her to her parents' house to sleep. It starts a love story that will lead Theron to commit "righteous” crimes. Homophobia, hating prostitutes and justice by Theron’s hands is the main subjects of this film that will remain in your memory.

Risky business: Tom Cruise begins a risky business when he becomes the link between men who want sex for money and whores. Taking advantage of staying alone at home, he arranges an appointment with an escort, Rebecca de Mornay, with whom he intimates more than just sex and it ends up launching a business of sex for money.

Working girls: Explains the lives of prostitutes in a brothel in Manhattan.

Taxi driver: Performed by Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster, shows the life of a taxi driver who loses his head by the prostitute who drives in his taxi to work. The girl, a very young Foster, is one of the mythical characters from the movie world. The cabbie is crazy about this whore girl and to impress her he begins to commit horrific crimes.

Angel: A young whore has a double life, on one hand, she has the face of an angel, and is dedicated to a normal teenage life, and on the other hand, she is thrown into circumstances that lead her to try what is prostitution, is the role a 
uni girl escort .

Vivre sa vie: This film has a less powerful argument than others, however, it clearly shows the changes in the life of a woman who decides to become gradually a mature escort.

Night shift: Witty, at least, is the plot of the movie. To take advantage of a local, the owners decide to turn it into a brothel at night and a mortuary during the day. It is a comedy that shows the world of whores in a light-hearted way. Good reflection between bucking while living and then happily die.

The happy hooker: The main character likes fucking long hours and in different ways, what better job than being a whore to achieve their desires? A comedy to have another perspective on prostitutes and escorts lives. 
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