The ménage á trois is a very recurring fantasy. We explore some of the experiences we propose: the duo, the lesbian and the services to couples.

09 November 2017  - 

How many times have we praised the ménage á trois in the most daring blog on the Web. Many and we still think they’re not enough. Therefore, once again, we’ll see the pros of adding a third element in our bedroom. Autumn has just arrived and we happily receive the hottest ideas. The star guest, the duo or the lesbian and the services to couples, are some of the experiences we propose to you for what’s to come. If it’s cold let’s fight it with the most sensual human warmth.

The star guest

Three are not a crow for the star guest. The Pompeian make it clear on their murals covered in ashes but hottest than the Vesuvius. One of the frescoes tells the story of a couple, a woman and a man who lived happily married. One thing had nothing to do with the other and every so often they needed to spark up the flame of passion.

In this Vila there are different hot scenes immortalized in its walls. The one that most incites us to think about the Pompeian eroticism is the following. Between the man and the woman, another man. Therefore, we can assure he’s the invited guest to the nuptial bed. In other words, the one getting the best deal.

The bed’s guest is penetrating the madam’s vagina and being anally penetrated by the lord of the Vila. A really ardent and creative scene, few times referred to in the porn industry, repetitive by definition.

The guest, man or woman, is received in the house with high honors. The couple is more than used to sex with one another. The option of sharing someone new in the bed is a way to resurrect the fire of desire.

To propose this practice, it’s true that a great trust in one another is needed. Sometimes, appearances deceive and what seems a petition with probabilities of being accepted turns into a crisis. In this case, there is a different suggestion. Above all, don’t let those fantasies that make you daydream about your neighbor, work mate or friend escape. If none accepts, we have stunning escorts committed to the human satisfaction of men.

The duo

If you’re greedy, jealous and possessive, perhaps the duo is your thing. In the duo they are still three but everything that happens is for the subject in question. The client can ask for the services of two escorts specialized in the duo. It’s a ménage á trois in which both escorts don’t touch or excite each other with any practice (some may say there is no fun in it) and they give themselves fully to the one who dares to be with them. As said, for the anxious.

The time it lasts and the practices carried out are a private matter to comment with the escorts and also, why not, allow oneself to be surprised by the professionals of the duo. Blowjobs, Greek, disguises, BDSM, bondage or roles, everything can be part of that experience. Just let your imagination free and live your fantasy full on with a pair of girls.

The lesbian

A ménage á trois that beats records. The most desired by men all over the world and beyond. The fantasy that old, mature and adolescent men have. To sleep with two women at the same time, and for them to behave as lesbians, is the climax of the sexual appetites of the wide majority of men. At la Vie en Rose they are experts in making that wet dream come true.

How much can excite men the view of two women practicing, for example, a cunnilingus?, a lot. And, how much can excite them seeing themselves among them?, a lot more. Therefore, three are never a crowd specially when they are kissing and one becomes part of the scene.

Service to couples

This is another huge way to prove trust in your partner and jump over the corseted standards of yesteryear. When a married couple hears for the first time “until death do us part” they don’t know what’s coming. The passion shown in the most fiery nights gives way to an anodyne languor in which it’s good enough to ask for a pizza and see another series whole season.

The service to couples is a way of opening the mind and not only the body. Our couple also wants to live fantasies and we don’t have to look at La Vie en Rose’s web page without counting with their company.

The escorts assure it’s one of the most demanded services. They tend to be men accompanied by their wives, girlfriends or friends who’ve come to the conclusion they want to continue experimenting together.

Sharing the experience with our partner is a step more people are ready to take. Pleasure in bed doesn’t have to affect the day to day of the relationship or the trust.

Those who try a service to couples tend to repeat. For the woman it can be very exciting trying another woman’s kisses and her touch and also doing it before the attentive gaze of her husband. For the man, vouyerism mixes with the lesbian, as he can start as an spectator and continue as actor among them.

Truth is, and it’s been tested, the ménage á trois has a reputation for a reason. Seduction, eroticism, fantasy and excitement are some of the elements that are part of making a trio.

Be it as the invited guest, being in the company of two escorts just about to start a duo or lesbian, or if the time has come for you and your partner to treat yourself with the visit of an escort at home, live it intensely and without missing any of the details. Others don’t go beyond the great temptation.

09 November 2017  - 

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