What types of client does a luxury escort have?

Do you know what types of client a luxury escorts have? In this post we tell you the 8 most common types of luxury sex workers.

16 October 2018  - 

Surely you have asked yourself many times these questions: What kind of clients has a luxury whore? Are they all the same? Do you fit inside this profile? And your neighbor? And your brother-in-law? So the answer is that there are as many types of clients as days are in a year. There are very different services and tastes in the world of prostitution and in this article we are going to try to classify them all so that you have a more ordered idea about it:

The client with power

Or at least he thinks he owns it. The powerful client is that man who belongs to a middle-high social class and who occupies a good job in which he has to wear a suit, tie and expensive shoes. This type of clients looks for experiences that can contribute something to their ego, and that's why they like so much the erotic sado.

The customer looking for party

The party client seeks new experiences where he can find entertainment and pleasure. It is usually a very disruptive profile that consumes alcohol and other substances. For them the night never ends and they like to try new things in sex and have the control in their sexual encounters. They also value the physical more than other traits, such as personality or experience.

The client who feels guilty

He also exists, but her guilty is an attribute that normally manifests suddenly during the action. They give great importance to discretion and anonymity and until they do not feel comfortable until the room is completely closed. Usually, this client is also married or is in a relationship.

The Savior

Who has not seen Pretty Woman? Everyone has seen Richard Gere falling in love with Julia Roberts and offering her an easy and luxurious life. Well, there are also many clients who think they are Richard Gere and whose fantasy is to conquer a luxury escort. Therefore, this type of client stands out because he tries to know things about the private life of the escort and at the same time he presents what he can offer to her (My job is this, I have a house in somewhere, etc.).

The one who is saying goodbye

What better way to celebrate a bachelor party than with a luxury escort? This type of customer usually comes with their friends and only seeks a single experience without compromise. This client profile also is used to show the photo of the future wife.

The one who does not succeed in his sex life

Many men feel that their sex life is unsatisfied, either because they are single and have no luck when it comes to flirting, or because the routine has killed the passion in their relationship. These clients look for luxury escorts with whom they can enjoy casual sex that they can not otherwise find.

The virgin customer

Many men turn to sex workers to lose their virginity and learn "how to do it". They look for self-confident and experienced women willing to help them to begin their sexual life. In this type of client we find both young people and adults who are still waiting for their first time.

The fetishist

Finally, there is also the fetishist client. He differs from the rest because he knows that he is excited by sexual practices that are taboo in his social circle and seek a space where they can fulfill their fantasies, such as the rimming or the golden shower.

And we could cite many more types of luxury escorts client’s, but it is enough for now. The profile is very varied and the sexual services of sex workers can be adapted to each one of them.

16 October 2018  - 

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