What services can we ask to the best sluts in Barcelona?

26 August 2016  - 
What services can we ask to the best sluts in Barcelona?

If we look for the word “escort” in a dictionary, we will check that it refers to a companion, escort, prostitute (wow, what a surprise!), but if we look for it on the Internet, we’ll get even tractor images as a result of our search. In paid-sex world, not all that glitters is gold. Let’s explore some of the most interesting aspects of the best sluts in Barcelona. Today on our beloved blog, curiosities and all the most lustful fantasies. Let’s go!

Regarding the slang of the best sluts in Barcelona, we can find hundreds of words in different languages which refer to the hottest sexual practices and allow us not to have to explain them while we are setting up a date with an escort on the phone.

In case you didn’t know it, if you feel like it, you can ask for a Dirty Sánchez, which is the term used to describe a sex practice consisting of drawing a moustache with your dick on your partner’s face after having anal sex.  


In broad terms, there are people who like their own sex, people who like the opposite sex and the intermediate sex. You may think we are referring to hermaphrodites, but we are actually referring to shemales, men who can become kind of hermaphrodites thanks to the help of a surgeon and feminine hormones.

Some of the best sluts in Barcelona are shemales, men who felt they were women and decided to transform their physical appearance. In most cases,  you could never tell these women have been men before, because their firm boobs and butts, their soft skin and seduction art rival the hottest pin-ups.

The best sluts in Barcelona may be men

You are probably wondering: do they have a dick? Of course, they do, and it’s bigger than the average size. We have talked to some of their clients, who have commented that their best attribute is their dick and that they are able to put up with restless hard sex nights.

Some shemales are specialized in BDSM and offer mild BDSM or light BDSM among their services. They are really skilled in happy ending massages and facesitting, in other words, sitting on a client’s face so he enjoys the call girl’s charms from close up. This is the perfect position to enjoy rimming, a practice consisting in stimulating your partner’s annus by using your tongue and lips.

Water sports

Among escorts’ services, you can also find the “water sports” category. In addition to Olympic sports like water polo, we can include golden shower in this category. But, be careful and always ask your escort first if she is up to give or receive her client’s urine. It is important to agree these details before getting into a bed to ensure a perfect time with the best sluts in Barcelona, so both of you are satisfied and leave the door open to repeat your date.

Our readers may also be wondering if shemales fuck women, or if, on the contrary, they only fuck men. Most of the best shemale sluts in Barcelona would rather have sex with men, although there are some of them who also perform services for couples.

Services for couples

There are escorts and also shemales who offer a long list of services for those couples who have decided to share the exciting adventure of exploring sex, experimenting new sensations together, this includes watching their partner get off with someone else, or enjoying seeing how your partner DATY (aka cunnilingus) one of the best sluts in Barcelona.

Among those services for couples, there are cultivated conversations, going out for dinner, prostate massages, or hard BDSM domination (this goes one step beyond light BDSM).

Actually, nowadays couples don’t have excuses to get bored in bed. Some men would rather date the best sluts in Barcelona and women would rather cheat their husbands by remembering hot sex scenes whose realization was probably deceiving because of their expectations.

However, breaking up with historic repression and treat yourselves with dating one of the best sluts in Barcelona is one of the best solutions to the lack of passion and arousal.

Escorts who resemble actresses

Sometimes, the best sluts in Barcelona resemble renowned actresses or singers. Escort world is very varied, as there are Japanese escortsinked escorts and teen escorts, but there are also escorts who resemble Madonna, Sofia Loren or Kim Basinger in their better days.

Paraphilias are always funny

If what we have already suggested doesn’t meet your expectations, you can find more information about paraphilias and get immersed in wild hard sex, a world where subconscious rules. Some of the best sluts in Barcelona know how to stimulate your sexual fantasy within costumes and make their clients enjoy an extraordinary sexual experience even better than fucking a transsexual who resembles Madonna.

Playing with costumes, being transported to a past happy moment of your life, letting yourself be aroused by feet, lingerie or private shows can be perfect options to push your sex limits and try new sensations.

That’s why the best sluts in Barcelona exist. They get the world rid of stress and turn everybody’s fantasies into reality. 

26 August 2016  - 

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