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When we go to the market, we know we can’t ask for a budget for a car check; when we are on a trip, we know we are drinking beer; and when we go punting, we know we are fucking. Everything is clear so far, isn’t it?

We have wrote down lines and lines about how to behave right when you are with a prostitute. Even about how to become their favorite client. We should remember what’s cool when it comes to dating an escort in Barcelona city.

Sluts are only sluts in many men’s minds, but you should know they have rules. Very clear rules. Let’s create a little abstract about what can make a date with an escort be cool or sad.

Sluty slang

Escort’s world in Barcelona and lifelong whores’ world have their own slang, same as the other jobs. One should know it to avoid misunderstandings and awkward situations.  Let’s imagine you have decided for a lustful evening with an escort in Barcelona.

If she is a luxury escort, you can’t be stingy. Talking about sexual services can be embarrassing, if it turns a quick lesson about sexual services instead than a petition. Don’t make too many questions to the escort. It is advisable to get informed beforehand about what’s the name of the services which turn you on and want to perform with a stunning slut.

Although this involves an economic transaction, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to make efforts to be kind, bright and clever while using sluty slang. That score positive points.

Hot France

French people are said to be hot-blooded. And everything related to France can have a sexual meaning in Spanish. We have “francés” (blowjob), French kiss and “corbata francesa”, which literally means “French tie”, and many others.

If you want to be blowed, you can say it delicately: I’d like to get a “French” (blowjob). Probably, the escort will ask you which one do you prefer among “natural French” (bareback blowjob), “complete French” (cum in mouth blowjob), “facial French” (cum in face blowjob), etc. Your answer will probably be related to what you feel like that day.

There are escorts who are ready to blow a dick without a condom, but there are many others who don’t perform it OWO. So, make sure your escort performs it and what’s the difference between the prices. Blowing it OWO isn’t the same than blowing it covered.

CIF, cum in mouth blowjob, which is a little more expensive, consists of spilling your spunk all over the face of a prostitute. It is a common picture in porn movies. Again, not all escorts perform this service.

There’s a version of this last kind of blowjob which consists of coming on her hair instead of her face. There are tastes for every colour. Walls, paintings, and even light switches. There are loads of options to spill your spunk.

“French tie” (titfuck blowjob) consists on performing a blowjob grabbing the dick with both breasts. It rocks, doesn’t it? If you can’t stop thinking about one of those services, then keep on getting information to ask exactly for what you want without having to annoy your girl with silly questions.

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

The girlfriend experience, GFE, is to share a date with a slut in Barcelona in a girlfriend mode, not in a sluty mode. Do you feel like having an evening full of cuddling on your couch, watching a movie and fucking while you feel a woman’s hotness? Well, now you don’t need to check Tinder nor getting the leftovers on a disco dance floor.

You can request a GFE and freak out with her during a romantic, hot-blooded, loving evening. What are you supposed not to do? Easy, believing the story is real. Remember you are meeting a sex professional, so her kisses, looks and caresses mean nothing when the date is over.

If you didn’t agree so beforehand, you shouldn’t invite her for a coffee, neither text her or send her roses’ pictures and cheesy quotes. She is a whore, and you are her client. Living the fantasy and knowing how to fit it in the right context is the key to repeat the date with the same escort who will enjoy giving her best to you.

Unexpected surprises

Prostitutes like to have all clear before meeting their clients. For instance, if you are meeting to perform a service for couples, which refers to a man and her girlfriend or wife, that couple can’t consist of two men.

No. Escorts, at least those who are in Barcelona, don’t like to lose control of their job. You should be clear to detail in everything related to the date. You should make clear even about using dildos and vibrators to fuck you in the ass and every kind of fetish.

If you are adventurous and want to practice BDSM (sadomasochism) with an escort in Barcelona, then you should tell her first because there are sex professionals who offer different grades of BDSM including light, mild or hard, but others aren’t expert in BDSM, so they will run away after seeing you are holding a whip on your hand.

Shiny genitals

Girls will feel down if you stink like a pig, didn’t wash your balls and your breath reeks. Hygiene is the most important thing when it comes to meeting a prostitute.

Many escorts meet their clients in their apartments. They usually invite their clients to take a shower before fucking, sometimes, both take a shower together, but they’ll surely ask for a wash to practice sex at ease.

Escorts value their clients’ cleaningness, their personal hygiene, that they are clear about the services they want to practice and that clients don’t give them unexpected surprises.

If you comply with all this, it will be a good start for your relationship with an escort in the always beautiful city of Barcelona. 

05 October 2016  - 

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