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On our love blog, we usually talk about the terminology used in paid sex world, also known as prostitution, fucking sluts in Barcelona, spending a night with an escort, going out for drinks and sluts, or whatever name you want to call it.

One of the most valued thing by escorts is not having to teach her clients the sluty slang. Having to explain what is the difference between titfuck and titfuck blowjobs, mild BDSM and hard BDSM, rimming and snowballing, etc is mood-killing. Take a look to other posts in this blog to know it. It’s really important!

Today, we will deepen in GFE, an acronym meaning girlfriend experience; it is easy to guess what is about. During this service, the escort or slut pretends she is the client’s girlfriend.

Reasons to experience GFE

Why does a client who wants to fuck a hot girl need to go through an engagement? Sometimes, family or friends bang their relatives’ minds with the one million dollar question: When will you get a girlfriend? Given this, it is possible that some men need an escort who pretends to be their girlfriend.

Weddings, business meetings, or couple dinners are some of the events when we need the presence of a girl who doesn’t exist. No problem. Escorts specialized in GFE will treat you like the best girlfriend on Earth. Imagine yourself accompanied by a hot voluptuous girl who is friendly, polite, funny and a real slut in bed. It rocks, doesn’t it? Maybe the best part of it is that once the date is over, your relationship ends, too, so you don’t need to get immersed in endless couple fights via Whatsapp.

GFE includes much cuddling. Picture the life of a man who lives alone and often have sex, but he needs more than fucking. It is a cold autumnal Sunday evening and all his friends are at home with their couple, watching a movie or fucking on the sofa.

He’ll be so jealous! He missed women’s warmth, kisses, caresses, and passionate complicity with a hottie who loves him and misses him when they aren’t together. Fucking is right, but that Sunday evening he feels lonely. No problem. Despair will make him get a move to arrange something interesting for the next Sunday.

He only has to pick up the phone and ask for a GFE to his favorite escort. The countdown begins. Now, he doesn’t panic about being lonely the next weekend. He’ll date a beautiful escort not only to fuck, but to watch a movie, eat popcorn and experience her warmth. Do you want to find out how this evening ends? Set up your date with the best GFE escorts in Barcelona.

Lazy to the limit

It is said that humans are lazy by nature. Since remote control was invented, we are able to stay on a sofa for hours. We like buttons. The easier, the better. Some people would love to press a button so a machine would live for them.

GFE is a way of enjoying the nice part of a relationship because they aren’t feelings involved, only a reflection of them. That’s why it is so successful! Sex, kissing, love and warmth at your fingerprints whenever you need it, after it, each one to their own. There aren’t problems, arguments, misunderstandings, jealousy, etc.

Some may say this isn’t actual love, but there are many relationships between people who feign love, although what they have isn’t love neither. We should at least admit the truth. A small performance, nice for everyone, full of kissing and passion without the dodgy part of relationships.

I’ll buy a romance

We love Japan. When trends arrive in Europe, they are already old-fashioned in Japan. They lead the world, and also GFE. Here, we are taking baby steps towards escorts and GFE, but there you can buy a whole romance.

For how long? What would you like it to include? When do you want it to finish and how? Would you rather break up with her, or be left by her? Where will you meet up? How would your first kiss be like? And your first fuck?

It isn’t crazy. It is Japan! I’ll buy my favorite romance, live it intensely, tell my friends about it, everybody, including me, believes it. I feel it, but I don’t take unnecessary risks. I know it will come to an end, and I’ve already chosen how it will be like.

Japanese are amazing!

Love game

Some escorts at La Vie en Rose has told us a bit more about GFE and their clients. Is it possible for you to fall in love in a night? A luxury escort thinks so “because sometimes clients are clear about fucking and feelings, but it isn’t always like that. Men who actually need love, for instance, divorced men who haven’t been with a women since their women left them can feel confused.

How do these escorts avoid their clients falling in love during a sluty night? “It’s complicated” reveals an Italian escort, “sometimes, there are men who I truly like, even me can feel confused about it.”

20 September 2016  - 

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