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If we talk about fantasies, then everybody feels identified. If we talk about fetishes, then we start not feeling as identified as before. Actually, fantasy and fetish are the same. The definition for fetish is the need of an object, a body part or certain material to get sex arousement.

Nowadays fetishes are masked behind racy practices, or sexual preferences. Many of the fetishes we are describing today are very common sex practices among men. They would have never thought about themselves as to be artful fetishists; however, they are.

A spicy touch is alright, but what happens when a fetish becomes absolutely necessary to enjoy a sexual encounter? In many cases, fetishes add an extra dose of raciness to any sex encounter and aren’t absolutely necessary to reach orgasm; it is only that they add a touch of originality. That is why, many people like fetishes and use them to improve their sex relations. Real fetishists need to perform their fetish fantasy show to be able to get aroused and reach orgasm.

We have come to a deduction after having talked to clients and escorts at La Vie en Rose: almost every part of our body and almost every object are susceptible to become fetishes. Some men are typical feet-fans; however, some others have confessed that they fancy belly buttons so much that they can’t go on with a date, if they don’t like their escort’s belly button.

What is your fetish?

Is it a problem to be a fetishist? Actually, one can use costumes, dildos and objects as long as sex is consent and held between adults within the law. Each one of us should be careful to share their racy and saucy fantasies with any stranger who passes their way. Not everybody is up for exploring sex, nor playing seduction and satisfaction games. In fantasy world, all that glitter is not gold.

Fetishes are still seen as an stigma, even currently, although we live in a more permissive society. Even then, they are more usual than what we may think. Let’s see the six most common fetishes to men. You may be familiar with one or more of them.

Diapers, rattles, teddy bears and a huge cot

Yes. The fantasy involving becoming a baby again who pisses, cries and attracts  mommy’s attention so she cleans it is more usual as it may seem. Adults enjoy being a baby again. Being fed, sucking attractive breasts, wearing a cartoon-patterned pyjamas, and making baby sounds like “goo” and “waaah” are typical practices in this fantasy. Men who enjoy it are actually looking for putting their responsibilities aside and cry for your woman's attention. Do you see now why you can’t tell your fantasies to anyone?

No cheating

Swingers clubs are very trendy in cities, villages and holiday destinations. Couples want to break their sexual routine without having to cheat their partner, so they go to one of these clubs and make partner swapping. Some say that their trust in their partner gets strengthened.  There is no need to cheat. Try other flesh isn’t a problem anymore. But, it is needed to have much complicity to suggest and take part in this experience. Gangbang sex is also one of the most desired fantasies to men. Fucking and seeing how others fuck is attractive to many. In other words, they dream of orgies.

Watersports, finally!

British people call them watersports. We call it golden shower. Urolagnia fantasy involves urinating or being urinated to get sexual arousement and orgasm. Both of them should agree when it comes to watersports. It doesn’t seem right to pee on someone’s face without telling first. This doesn’t always consist of peeing on someone’s face; sometimes, watching someone urinating is enough. Things don’t need to be that extreme.

Transvestism isn’t only a show about men wearing women clothes. Not even it is only for gay people, as many think. Some escorts have told us that they have clients who get excited by wearing women clothes and putting on makeup.

Passion for feminine feet is a very extended fetish. 90% of feet lovers are men. Cared, hydrated, with red nail polish. They are details which will make a fetishist isn’t able to resist that woman’s charms. Licking them, caressing them, kissing them. It is everything many need to have a perfect date.

Sexy spanks

The same way you punish a child after having behaved naughty. The body parts where you get spanked are usually erogenous. Some fancy get spanked, some others would rather spank their partner. A sexy escort on your knees and the whole night to spank her. Again, this fantasy get us back to our childhood. Curious, isn’t it?


People who enjoy watching someone’s intimate moments usually ask their escort to act as if she was about to take a shower, to walk naked around her home, to behave like there’s nobody watching.

BDSM and submission

Mistress and slave experience their fantasy in the most absolute complicity. In many cases, there isn’t even sexual contact. Some say it is a deeper contact. Does it grab your attention? You are maybe hiding a BDSM master behind your business suit. 

06 December 2016  - 

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