Venus in flesh and bone

01 September 2014  - 
Venus, a high class escort in Barcelona

He was a regular client of the same brothel in Barcelona, because he thought that was the best of all the previous ones he had visited. There were many prostitutes in Barcelona, this so lively city full of many things to enjoy. Fernando had started his first visit to a whorehouse in Barcelona when he was seventeen. He would never forget his birthday present, his friends booked an appointment with one of the thousands of whores in Barcelona of that time.

Fernando was not a tourist, nor a traveller, nor an eager student, not for a second any of these profiles, he was an average guy who loved deeply the company of whores. He worked hard and most of his earnings were spent in his favourite hobby. Lots of his friends told him that business with the brothels in Barcelona was going too far, since he had visited all of them. How much money and how much pleasure! Actually it was a fair trade; Fernando was attractive and nice for sure! But he loved whores in Barcelona. He had travelled away to other cities and he had visited many brothels, but the Catalan capital city won the first place with the best brothels, and his favourite was 
La Vie en Rose.

This was a high-standing nightclub, where he spent a lot of money for one night pleasure, but that was the best way of spending it for him; after all, men were looking for female companionship, seduction and, after a nice conversation, to go to bed for a deeper intimation with a lady. Certainly these ladies were offering their secrets for sale and guys were buying them, yet sometimes there was a special connection between them; Fernando could feel it with some prostitutes in Barcelona when kissing and caressing them. In other cities he did not find this pleasant connection with the girls. Fernando said it out loud, this was not only a sex for money business.

Once he got his monthly payslips, he surfed on the Internet searching by “escort girl Barcelone”, as a guy he met in La vie en rose bar told him to do. He looked up at the girls' profiles, it was a hard decision to make, all of them had stunning bodies and terrific seductive gazes. Fernando really got crazy with deep, big, black, brown or honey eyed girls and brunette beauties. Those fleshy rosy mouth lips and those wet soft “other” lips; he could picture himself licking, kissing, playing with them, stroking these perfectly made long legs, discovering the inner side of these ladies, sharing together their most intimate secrets, watching how these girls enjoyed themselves with him. He could not understand at all how come other gentlemen would choose another way to invest their money in something that was not their own pleasure.

He always could feel a stiffy when surfing on La Vie en Rose website looking for the prostitute he was about to meet up; he had to wank off before get to the appointment, otherwise he would not last for a second. Amongst all the so called amazing whores in Barcelona, one caught his eye, her name was Venus, and immediately Fernando found out by the picture, that her nickname matched her appearance. She was born in the French Guiana, she was a petite brunette with big breasts and beautiful hips, pert thighs and lovely facial features. Her rosy seductive lips were his favourite kind, he could not help himself picturing his cock into her tempting mouth. Venus was twenty-one years-old, she had wild sweet eyes with an outstanding honey-coloured iris. She might have been a new whore in Barcelona, Fernando did not know that, but he had decided he would spoil himself with an unforgettable booking date with this goddess of passion, Venus.

He called immediately, so nobody would steal him his time with her; he was dreaming about getting into the French Guiana, breathe its perfumes, dive into its rivers, have a conversation and meet up closely this sensual gorgeous girl; it might come up a nice friendship after all, who knows.

− La Vie en Rose, good evening.
− Good evening, it's Fernando.
− Hi, honey! How are you? Are you coming to see us?
− Yes, I am tonight.
− Have you seen the new girl, sweetheart? Her name is Venus.
− Oh yes, indeed I have, I was calling you for a booking date with her, if that is possible.
− She is very busy, but she will turn up tonight, I believe she'll be around 10 pm, you might come over at that time to meet her more closely.
− Perfect. I am looking forward to meeting her.
− She is much prettier in person, honey. You will really enjoy your time, besides she is very nice.
− Lovely, thanks.
− See you later, sweetheart.

Now he got his booking date with Venus, he ought to get a shower, to smarten up so she would like him best, and to choose a nice casual but elegant suit, the blue one was perfect with a white shirt and no tie. Now he got a tan at the beach, he felt more attractive dressing in lighter colours. At his thirty-eight years, he had a good potential in all senses.

He got to La vie en rose before 10 pm; this was his favourite 
brothel in Barcelonathe other places were only hooker bars in Barcelona, but this one was a real place for real pleasure. At that moment, Venus was surrounded by lots of guys, she was laughing showing off her pearly teeth; her laughter was like the sirens sound and her body triggered pure passion. Fernando stood still by the bar staring at her with flaring eyes. Venus knew he was her special booking date, and swaggered towards him. Very soon both started talking and Fernando, a shy guy, felt overwhelmed by her perfume and femininity. She was a one and only prostitute in Barcelona!

When he got into her mouth, her legs, when he spilled out his fluids on Venus, when he saw her reach an orgasm, kissing her, playing with her tongue, stroking her goddess body, he felt fulfilled as the only man on earth, and he decided his next booking date -with Venus, of course- would be for a full weekend, and after that, he could die in peace. After all, we only live once.


01 September 2014  - 

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