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12 August 2014  - 
High class Ukranian escorts in Barcelona

 Ukrainian escorts, body blaze and ever blue gaze

Coldness is their famous feature, perhaps their light coloured eyes recall their country's iced landscape, Ukraine's. Many people think it is quite far away and only hear its name in the news; certainly in Spain, people do not know too much about Ukraine and its folks. Generally speaking, trying to picture this beautiful country, we reckon it is a half Russian half European country, a quite big land reminding the eighties, where the Eastern Orthodox Church is the main religion practiced. Ukraine's landscape is a mixture of smooth mountains, lakes, rivers and post-soviet cities. In this post we are going to talk about its women.

Ukrainian vs. Slavic ladies

There is a big difference between 
Ukrainian escorts and Slavic escorts. Certainly, they both come from the same geographic area -indeterminate, Eastern, beyond Germany for some people-, however, this area is not only Ukraine's home, but also many other countries'. Long ago, the Ukrainian escorts left the country, and most of them settled down in Spain, amongst other places. When we wish to have sex for money in Barcelona, or to have an experience with a Slavic escort, we must google Ukrainian escort if in our dreams we have pictured the classical tall angel-faced stunning blonde.

The Ukrainian escort's beauty

They are gorgeous. Everybody says so. It is the old observation people say when meeting one of them, or when admiring their charms when passing aside a group.

These ladies are usually taller than he Spanish average height, more or less they are about 5' 9” tall, and they have smooth or wavy fair blond hair, straight tiny noses, and soft delicate pale skins. Their most remarkable feature are their piercing light -usually blue- eyes, and this colour recalls their country's cold icy land.

The Ukrainian escorts have perfectly curvy voluptuous bodies with fleshy boobs and pert bums. The client gets caught in between their legs when they get to the climax, then they can prove these Eastern European girls are not as cold as they say.

Mila Jovovich (Resident Evil), Mila Kunis (Black Swan), Natasha Yarovenko (Room in Rome) are all stunning Ukrainian beauties, so to speak.

A booking with an Ukrainian escort can become the most beautiful lady meeting a client can imagine ever. Somehow, they are always elegant, extremely professional and also they can offer a good conversation. Their fame stands on their ability to overcome by far the client's expectations.

Besides their sculptural figure and their piercing gaze, the Ukrainian escorts usually have degrees and good manners, so they are the perfect companions for a night beyond sex in a luxury 
suite for rent in Barcelona.

The client's experiences

Most of the clients who are looking for the best escorts in Barcelona companionship in La Vie en Rose have tried these goddesses and have decided to meet them to live the night of their lives. The most widespread comment is, “What a beauty!” Sure, what else could be said about an Ukrainian escort? Clients talk about their never ending legs and their perfect thighs, about their smooth spotless fair skin and their catwalk model bodies, and, of course, about their beautiful light -so clear, one can nearly see through- blue eyes.

“When she looked at me while 
blowjobbing me, I went mad; I have never seen such beautiful eyes like that Ukrainian escort's. And the coldness they talk about is completely a lie, because, if apparently she could look a bit distant when talking, she certainly gave herself up to me in terms of satisfying a client. I really enjoyed my time with her, she had a stunning body and a gorgeous face. Her blowjob and erotic massage were amazing. Later on, we went harder on the anal sex. She was looking at me when I was pegging her, I really had a great time, certainly the best experience with an escort of my whole life”.

Another client says, for him it was very important to meet a good-looking well-educated girl, because he wanted a dinner date companion service. He first asked for a 
call girl to hotels service for a dinner date. Then he waited in his room for the recommended escort. “They hit the mark, she was stunning and had good manners, I knew it instantly. I offered her a drink in my room and I could not resist it. I started touching her because I could not believe she was real, she was so beautiful! I did not give her the chance of doing me anything, and we soon were face to face making love. After the dinner date we had more time for ourselves, but the moment I met her, I could not resist it”.

A regular client who visits La vie en rose premises, once confessed his whole life dream was to have a fantastic, amazing girlfriend, a girl all his friends would talk about; so, when he had the chance to 
go out for drinks in Barcelona with a Ukraininan escort as if she was his girlfriend, he did not hesitate. “My friends still ask me about her, and I tell them, I am still young for an engagement”.

These reports are examples of some clients who have decided to try an Ukrainian escort services. Their beauty and good manners are unbeatable, and they are amazing professionals as well. Besides, if the client asks for a night out, this angel-faced, blue-eyed girl will be the one who wins him in the cocktail contest single-handedly. And the best is still to come, in the short distance of the  La vie en rose luxury room, she will make come true all the client's intimate and wild dreams.

12 August 2014  - 

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