Tips to have the best anal sex

If you have ever had the curiosity to practice anal sex, and you have never had the opportunity to do it, it is very important that you know certain tips so that you can enjoy it to the fullest with who you want.

25 May 2018  - 
Tips to have the best anal sex

There are many types of sex and the best way of knowing which one is best for each one is through experience. At this context, anal sex is one of the most pleasurable. But be careful! You have to follow some steps so not get damaged in the attempt as for enjoy it to the fullest.

This seems very mystical, but the escorts that collaborate with La Vie En Rose know how to make a good Greek and what to keep in mind to enjoy it as it deserves. Although practicing anal sex is still a subject a bit taboo, doing so is very pleasant. We assure you!

In this article we are going to detail some advice whether the active role or the passive to practice the best anal sex in Barcelona.

The advices

Knowing how to fuck by the anus is something that gives a lot pleasure, but we need to be aware of that there are at least two different people being part of it. First of all, we will talk about the receiver, the one who receives the introduction of the penis in sexual praxis.

The receptor

In the anal sex practice, the enjoyment of the receiver is different if it is a man or a woman. The sensation of narrowness is an effect that produces a lot of pleasure for the man thanks to the prostatic pressure in the phallus.

Although anal sex is also very pleasant for men as receptors, sometimes it is somewhat taboo. Enjoying sex with erotic toys such as harnesses with a penis are elements that professional escorts tend to integrate into their services due to empower men with the joy and pleasure that their internal G-spot gives them, and that many are unaware of.

The donor

This is the name of the person who gives in anal sex, not the one who receive it.As in the previous case, the pleasure may vary depending on whether you are man or woman. Some will feel more than another and will enjoy more pleasure than the other.

In the case of men it is the most successful of all, because they have their point P next to the prostate and thanks to the narrowness of the vulva of the woman they feel the pressure and, therefore, the manly joy.

How to do anal sex

Doing it is not the same as saying it, but you should better known certain requirements before dipping the penis in the anus.

Pay special attention for hygiene, being relaxed and feel excited are the three keys to practice it from behind. To this we must add the most appropriate position to practice it (according to the kamasutra), apart from the already known dog position:


This position, which resembles that of open scissors, ensures the minimum pain in penetration and the maximum excitement, especially by the girl. Well, rubbing on the clitoris helps this anal sex.

The downside of this is that you have to be very confident in the other person, and you have to be sure of what you are doing.

The Slingshot

This is the most innovative of all, and the one that requires an athletic state. The question is that the giver is placed between both legs and he has to penetrate through the anus to the receiver with great agility.

The cheerleader

This position is suitable only for those who feel the GYM by vein and who are able to do any type of position in bed. As a cheerleader, it seems like raising the leg towards the head and enjoying pleasure and orgasm.

25 May 2018  - 

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