Teen university escorts: pure sex or intimacy?

09 March 2016  - 
Teen university escorts: pure sex or intimacy?

The favorite client for teen university escorts. You may wonder why we are so insistent about this subject. Well, being the favorite client of a teen university escort has tons of advantages. She’d like prefer you over the rest and being special in some way for a teen university escort is a challenge only suitable for a few. Today on our beloved blog, we will give you some advices and we will also explain some great consequences of being the favorite client of a teen university escort in Barcelona.

The first thing to do when we are about to book a date with a teen escort is to find some information about her. Look at her pictures, and contact her via e-mail to suggest her spending an evening together before calling her. Teen escorts usually have full agendas, so maybe calling them is not such a good idea. Sometimes, teen escorts describe themselves and speak about their likings on their adverts. Notice if she likes a concrete restaurant, or any other detail.

Time is gold to teen university escorts

Teen escorts have several dates a day, so if you are going to be unpunctual, then you should call to inform her; you should keep in mind that your time with her will be shorter if you are late.

Don’t even think about trying to get back the ten minutes you lost because of your lack of punctuality. Don’t try to lengthen your time with your teen escort, or she won’t want to see you again. Next time, you should be more organized and don’t annoy your girl; she probably has a tighter schedule than yours.

Pleasure acronyms

Teen escort language has a lot of terms and acronyms to define sexual practices. For instance, GFE means GirFriend Experience and PSE means PornStar Experience. There are many acronyms which refer to the most perverted fantasies, so it is good to know them beforehand because teen escorts only practice them, they don’t want to waste their time by teaching you new words and acronyms; remember in that case, your time with your favorite teen escort will be shorter. Forget about silly stuff and enjoy your minutes.

Everything clear

For those who want to be the favorite clients of a teen escort, it is really important to have everything clear: what you want, how much time will last your session, and how much money it will cost you. If we are experiencing snowballing services, for instance, we should decide how many times we want to transfer the sperm from mouth to mouth. Maybe seven or eight? Is it enough with two? When we get tired of it, who will swallow it? Are we going to spit it? Yes, it is way better to clear all these aspects on the phone beforehand.

Money ahead

There are teen escorts who collaborate with an agency, so they don’t get the money directly from their clients. Other escorts they ask you to leave an envelope with the money in the restroom or in a visible place; of course, don’t wait until the last moment to pay. These kind of services are always paid beforehand. Only favorite clients can pay whenever they want because teen escorts trust them


Humility is about being equal to the rest of humans. Politeness and respect will make your dates be unforgettable. Teen escorts who date many men deserve the same respect than any other woman who isn’t an escort.

Say no to lovestruck

Don’t confound being a gentleman with manhandling your escort, don’t hug, nor try to show her your affection to a teen escort if she hasn’t asked for it. A sexual date shouldn’t be overly sweet. Let her approach you, but don’t think she will do it on the first date. Seduction needs time, that is why becoming the favorite client of a teen escort isn’t something you can achieve in one day.

Don’t hold back your cum for her

Some boyfriends want to hold their orgasm back with their girlfriends, but you aren’t the boyfriend of a teen escort, so she will appreciate you reach orgasm at your own pace, it won’t be a problem if you are quick. After you as a client are satisfied, you can please her if you feel like it.

Life isn’t all peaches and cream

Not all men like the same practices in bed, so we don’t need to be a genius to guess it happens the same with teen escorts. Porn movies can lead us to think that all women like to be called whores, or bitches, that they like being hair-pulled, or being given butt slaps, or being treated as whores; there are colors for every taste. So, if you want to become a teen escort’s favorite client, find what are her likings and pay attention to her face expressions, before treating her as everybody else, okay?

On our next post we will explain more useful tricks to become the favorite clients of an escort in Barcelona.

And, why should you want to become her favorite client? Because GFE is so expensive, but if you are her favorite client, you won’t need to ask her to behave as your girlfriend. Control over time will not be important anymore, neither will be important using a condom when performing blowjobs. Becoming a teen escort’s favorite client has tons of advantages. We might be able to transform sex into intimacy. 

Teen escorts in Barcelona blow you hard...


09 March 2016  - 

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