Swingers clubs in Vera, a party full of surprises

05 December 2014  - 
Swingers clubs in Vera

If someone told us about it a few years ago, maybe we would not had believed him. Almería, a region many people cannot place on the map for good or for bad, a very typical right-winged and Catholic southern Spanish province, it is also a sexually opened area in the country. Life is nice, isn't it?

Its capital city -with the same province's name- used to be quite undermined economically speaking, however all the vegetables the UE members consume now, are grown over there. And, how about Murcia? Ruled by bread-faced cheeky men for years, a conservative but released place at some point. Two lands full of contradictions: sex and the Spanish Popular Party.

These regions are either full of fags who vote the right wing, or feminist lesbians who crave for a truck. And among all that, there is a social layer of people who is having as much sex as they can, and go to the swingers clubs for right in this Spain under the sun.

Who could've thought that? A group of conservative face-to-face posture love-makers, opposed to a bunch of people who only want to get into a club and fuck all souls in there, no matter if they are men or women, sharing husband or wife with the first volunteer who wants to lick any of their secret's body parts.

What is exactly a swingers club?

These are heavenly places, where the man has to go with a lady, and a lady can go with her boobs, cunt and ass' company, nothing else is needed.

Swingers clubs in Almería have been old news for a long time. Unlike Almería capital city, where there are only conservative sexual values and a little bunch of gays and lesbians, lots of people are looking for the Cabo de Gata zone, especially for the town of Vera.

Vera is the top worldwide place for nudist sunbathing and swingers clubs. It looks like a nice jingle, doesn't it? Over there, people find clubs shaken every weekend by worldwide couples looking for hands, tongues and everything they can use, and watching their partners doing the same thing with no jealousy outbursts or anything like that.

It looks like the perfect world! If you get to Vera, you can release yourself of many taboos; precisely there, in a province apparently ruled by a pure heterosexual conservatism.

Swingers club: how to behave

First of all, you ought to get there looking nicely and clean if you wish to success amongst the other club's assistants that night. Men on their own are not allowed in, so it is precise that you turn up with a call girl or a girlfriend, but the best option would be going with your own wife. Once you are inside the swingers club, you can see there is a good vibe going on. Everybody is nice to each other, and the prettier your companion is, the nicer they will be with you.

In a swingers club, everything is agreed beforehand. Is like a “flea” market but a “flesh” market instead, and everybody have their say. A man can get there with two prostitutesescortswhores or call girls, for instance. Sooner than later, the rest of the guys won't hesitate in asking him a turn, and they must get to an agreement in how the swinging is going to be carried out. If the girls say no, they have no choice but to get to an agreement with other candidates; if the girls agree, then good news for everybody.

We insist in the yes or no of the girls, because guys usually have no problem with any chick who steps in, especially if they are pretty.

How is a swingers club distribution?

Usually the clubs have a reception desk in the entrance, in order to keep the clients' privacy warding them off of the snoopers' peeks. Once we have paid the admission ticket -around forty euros, depending on the club-, we get to the bar.

After ordering a drink, we can walk around the  premises, and we can try some of the toys there are set around. Many swingers clubs have an actual swing with a massive penis-shaped dildo stuck on it, ready to make happy anybody who wants to sit on it for a nice swing.

A jacuzzi is a must in a swingers club, and it is usually filled with a few couples, some of them staring each other like a shark its prey, and others playing happily with themselves. Getting into the water means opening the mind and the legs, letting things go with the flow.

Peekaboo, where are you?

The dark corridors are another of the swingers clubs' nice surprise. You can find glory holes at the walls and suddenly a penis can peek out. We can greet that penis as we wish, with the hand, the tongue, with another penis... anything is perfectly OK.

Some other walls, have bigger glory holes, and a couple of desirous hands can peek out, looking for the feel of a delicious beautiful body. You can take your pussy close to these hands, or maybe your ass, your cock, your boobs, anything you like. The anonymous hands will appreciate your generosity, so will you, because being touched by a stranger is quite arousing, we cannot deny it. This way, our imagination can start figuring whatever we want in our fantasy.

In a swingers club there are rooms with long sofas, where the couples become pure flesh, fucking each other with pleasure, loosening up and forgetting about religion and conservatism. One can get in, and get a deal with someone to bite the best ass, or he can enjoy the view arousing the overall lust as well.


For the bed-lovers, there is also the chance to find it in a Vera swingers club, but everybody is allowed to watch, since there is no place for taboos in sexual matters in that far-off place; there is only room for enjoying ourselves as men and women, enjoying the beauty of the body and the pleasure of the flesh. It is guaranteed fun, and an experience everybody should live at least once in a lifetime. As Raffaella used to say, to make love properly, you must come to the South.

05 December 2014  - 

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