Submissive Escorts

11 April 2016  - 
Submissive Escorts

Submissive Escorts: BDSM is alike to a spiritual retreat

Can we affirm that submissive escorts are the most sluty escorts of all? Yes, we can affirm so. As they perform the hardest branch of BDSM, we have to grant them with it. Submissive escorts play the slave role in BDSM. What do this acronym and submissive escorts hide? Today on our beloved blog, we will talk about sado. However, to become a master on the subject, you must belong to a social sector who is as open as free as no other else.

We have written about sadomasochism a lot. In our post-series about paraphilias, there are many practices which may seem funny or even ridiculous, but sado and submissive escorts are two terms which inspire respect to us.

Submissive Escorts and BDSM

First of all, we must say that sado has no sense without masochism, and both join together with bondage to give rise to BDSM acronym.

For every escort who speaks out and tells the world “I want to be a sadist”, there’s another who rises up her voice to tell “I want to be submissive”. Then words become adult plays with leather, whips, masks, clamps and the most original latex works in the world.

The escorts who advert they perform submissive escort services are ready for real action, vanilla sex is just bullshit for them, they want to play hard and get in serious issues with their clients.

There are many men who are new in experiencing a date with a submissive escort and don’t know how to act. However, there are other men who have made a lifestyle of this. Submissive escorts are able to differentiate between both cases and to ask her clients for the right amount of hard playing they want to get at each time.

Master and submissive

The more often the master and the submissive date, the closer will be the bond between them. Sado is full of codes which are agreed at the beginning of the experience and need to be done with someone you trust. Letting yourself be tied and blinded by a stranger would be insane. Submissive escorts aren’t silly people, they know they can get seriously injured during a sado session.

Some people who play the submissive escort role has confessed us having beaten childhood traumas and improved their vital experience thanks to the liberation they get from sado. People who like to be urinated in their mouth have few things to be scared of in life.

Submissive escorts can play with their clients in a room or in an area specially prepared to perform your most desired torture games. Chains and iron rings on the walls, beds equipped with ropes and strings and, above all, discretion. Practicing sado is alike to going off to a spiritual retreat, someway. It’s like meeting your inner self where you push your limits away with whips and sexual excitation.  

Colors, words, gestures, everything is important in the master and submissive escort code. There are moments of pain during BDSM sessions, and the master has to pay attention to the code word meaning he must increase, decrease the intensity, or stop what he is doing.

Fifty shades of Grey’s absurdities

This book made many couples initiate in sado practices without knowing all the necessary about codes, or roles, so the people who played the submissive escort role often got injured. That is why sado should be only practiced by people who know what they do and understand that participants enjoy humiliating and being humiliated like submissive escorts.

Submissive escorts mix pain and pleasure thresholds thanks to the help of their masters and partners in crime. Both of them have to enjoy a BDSM session, and that involves their codes to be clear.  

On today’s post, we are talking about submissive escorts, but there are also escorts who offer their services as dominant escorts. A client of La Vie en Rose has told us that once he hired a freaking good show with a dominant escort and a submissive escort. He got really horny to see one of them urinating over the other one and he won’t be able to forget the moment when the submissive escort was naked and tied to the wall in chains while the other one DATY her.

How would you enjoy more? As a dominant or submissive?

You can try this experience with submissive escorts and take the control of the sado area. You may have a sadist soul, or you may be the perfect partner to play the submissive escort role. Getting whipped and insulted, and adoring your mistress can be really exciting experiences.

In any case, you can get initiated in sadomasochism by an expert submissive escort and date her often, so she trusts you and you get to become her real master.

A submissive escort has told us that after dating a special client several times, there’s chemistry between them and they enjoy the hottest combination on Earth, the master and the submissive escort forget about the real world during their sessions.

Down with vanilla sex; that cheesy sex we watch in movies. Men want to get free and get lost in the arms of a submissive escort, maybe after that they also feel like playing the submissive role and break with all the established social rules. We don’t want to be labelled, or to get bored in bed, we want to get into real action with a submissive escort.

Submissive escorts kneel down at our feet. 

11 April 2016  - 

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