Some define squirting as the female ejaculation, others say they are two different things and, therefore, both could take place at the same time. This is one of the most wonderful and unknown aspects of the female sexuality.

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Basically, what we know about the female ejaculation and squirting is that we have no clear idea about what they are. Browsing the net we’ll see that each author sets the question in a certain way and ventures techniques to achieve this pleasure. In other words, each woman must investigate and practice with her own sex to know her unimagined capabilities. Squirting is a word that comes from the English language and means stream. From there, we’ll try to get to the truth.

What’s squirting?

Many scholars on this subject and not so scholarly as well, define squirting as the ejection of a liquid from the urethra when the woman experiences sexual pleasure. Every woman is capable of feeling it and it depend in great measure on the relaxation and the trust during the sexual relation.

Western porn has turned its cameras on this phenomenon searching for an amazing parallelism with the male organ. In reality, one must not get obsessed with this hot stream from the female depths. The main thing is to enjoy without setting objectives for oneself that may exercise mental pressure.

In its composition we find the same substances there are in semen, except the latest of course. Some articles affirm there is urine, others that there isn’t. What’s clear is that the exit of this liquid during the female orgasm is not urinating but something beyond that.

The squirt, is it female ejaculation?

The scientific community doesn’t agree. Some argue squirting is the female ejaculation, others say they are two different things and, therefore, both could happen at the same time. This is one of the most wonderful and unknown aspects of the female sexuality.

Since those years ( not so many) in which it was denied women had orgasms, until the irruption of the will to enjoy her body and sexuality to the maximum, as much or more than men, a lot of water has gone under the bridge. Even so, we still don’t have a cuórum.

Are there techniques to experience it?

Besides relaxation and trust for the sexual relation to be fruitful, there are a few more tricks. A suggestion is to start with romanticism without excesses, candles and appropriate music for the occasion.

After the courtship, move to oral sex in which the partner gives him or herself fully and does it better than ever. Without focusing on the clitoris, the tongue moves across the whole vulva and also plays to enter the vagina. The more full on ones can even reach the anus and stimulate it as well, while at it. Experts recommend to introduce the middle and ring finger, half way in, and find the G spot to increase the pleasure and move the fingers left to right looking for the excitement of the Skene glands. If one is doing it alone at home, one can use the thumb to, also, stimulate the clitoris.

With the entire artillery working and focusing a lot on the movements of the fingers inside the vagina, the moment could come in which the woman feels she’s going to urinate. As well as the female ejaculation, squirting would be taking place. Don’t repress it! Just let yourself go and enjoy your first double experience.

General ignorance

Sadly, general ignorance about women’s sexuality, starting with herself, has maintained this pleasure forgotten but today it springs back with all of its strengths. Even if it’s just for cinematographic reasons on porn movies, you must seize the moment and practice until you know your body better.

Until now, we have differentiated squirt and female ejaculation, one havens via the urethra, another, via the vagina. We know that the woman can practice it alone, doesn’t need anyone to feel it and that it’s a subject now in vogue and, therefore, you can talk about it with your friends and know more to unveil its secrets.

The truth about squirting

We can’t talk about squirting without talking about the Skene glands. These are placed on the sides of the area known as G spot. These glands may vary in size between two and five centimeters. Practicing artfully, it’s possible to stimulate the G area and the Skene and reach a new orgasm.

The liquid that is ejected is like semen but without sperm, as we said, and contains fructose, citric acid and water. The location of the Skene glands, so close to the bladder and the urethra, provide that urinating sensation but it doesn’t contain no urine, according to some authors.

The key moment would be when the woman is super excited and is about to reach orgasm, release the pressure on the Skene glands, not to contract the vagina and push outwards. Even if it sounds complicated, it’s only a question of practicing enough and not getting obsessed about the stream because, as some experts in the subject explained, the orgasm in no better or worse if squirting takes place.

Let’s learn from Rwanda

In this, as in so many things, we are well behind an African country, in this case, Rwanda. While here we can’t work out the differences between squirting and the female ejaculation and, worst of it, women themselves don’t know what we’re talking about, in Rwanda, for thousands of years, the squirt is a sine qua non condition of marriage.

The documentary film L’eau sacrée ( The sacred water), by the Belgian Olivier Jourdain, shows respectfully how this sexual practice is something the husband must dominate when loving his wife. It’s part of his manhood showing his wife the unsuspected pleasures.

The documentary shows with cheekiness and naturalness how a famous radio presenter visits villages and instructs girls on this practice. Young men too must learn about the woman’s body. His duty is to satisfy her.

In the heart of the sensual and daring Africa, squirting or kunyaza is compared to the river of life, with the purity and the duties of a couple’s love. Same as here, right?

26 September 2017  - 

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