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30 May 2016  - 
Prostitutes Barcelona

Technology has beaten pimps

Among all the achievements of technology, which include using WiFi on a plane, travelling on an electric car and taking a hot shower, we are specially proud of one of them: revolutionizing paid sex world. The world has evolved a lot since the birth of the Internet and social networking. Now, we are able to criticise celebrities through our own Facebook profile or asking nonsenses to them through Twitter. In addition, prostitutes are glad to say pimps are being gradually beaten by the Internet. Today on our beloved blog, we are talking about sluts in Barcelona, technology, and pimps beaten by it.

Sluts in Barcelona are minding their own business

Sluts in Barcelona don’t need a pimp to guide them in the wonderful paid sex world. The madame and the pimp are two figures from the past, which were necessary to succeed in paid sex industry. Nowadays, call girls are more independent and decide what their working hours will be, their rates, services and who are the clients they want to date.

We know some sluts in Barcelona who started collaborating in the best brothels, and then got introduced to the right men who decided to hire them before they were well reputed. They were working in a good brothel, but they didn’t get the whole amount of money. This is something usual.

Sex is about getting it all or nothing, so the more control sluts in Barcelona have over their money, the more committed they are. Pimps who acted like a intermediary, negotiated with clients and took advantage of it didn’t see their ending days were about to come.

Technology and sex

Technology is a big ally for us, although it has made us a little (or quite) dumber. In paid sex world, it enabled escorts to take care of their own business. A profile on a website, nice pictures, an electronic address or a phone number and it is done. It is as easy as competitive, since online profiles offering sex are endless.

Mobile apps, social networks and specialized websites have catapulted sluts in Barcelona to fame and enabled them to sell their services to the best bidder. Pimps have been beaten. Soon, girls didn’t need pimps to introduce them to a good brothel, so their shadow got lost on the Internet.

Technology has contributed to fade pimps and has also helped to improve contact tools, so people who look for casual sex can easily get in touch.

Casual sex apps vs. escorts

There are many mobile apps where to look for casual sex around our workplace, a restaurant or a library. People who want a quick shag have dozens of options to contact other people who look for the same thing.

Can this compare to paid sex? It is obvious that looking for sex on mobile apps is risky. What will he or she look like? Are we ready to perform the same things? Is he or she healthy? Will I get a happy ending?

These are essential questions to wonder before meeting any stranger. Technology has made things evolve, but we must warn you that your possibilities to find someone you like are really small.  

Pictures can be retouched to cheat clients and anyone can create an online profile and hide behind a nice smile. Many men still go for prostitution and dates with sluts in Barcelona to turn their dirtiest fantasies into reality. At a high class brothel, you’ll get some guarantees like discretion and quality. And that can’t compare to wish-washy pimps or a slut profile lost among millions of profiles on the Internet.

“Some sluts have made feel more aroused”

We have talked to some clients of La Vie en Rose to compare sex apps and dating with an escort. A client has told us that he used his mobile device to find who wanted to have sex near the hotel where he was staying. He got many adverts, so he decided to meet the girl with the best and most suggestive pictures. “She wanted to meet at the hotel bar to take a drink first, but I soon realised it wasn’t going to come out well. We went to my room, she fucked me in a weird robotic way, I didn’t know if she liked it and she left right after we finished. I’d rather meet a slut in Barcelona. It is the way to assure myself that I’m about to spend a perfect hour and that she will perform what I like the most in the best way I’ve ever seen. If we know each other, we laugh and drink champagne. Some sluts have made me feel more aroused than people you meet within a mobile app.”

Another client has commented that he isn’t interested in those apps because he doesn’t have time and also because he doesn’t want to meet someone disappointing. “I date a girl to have fun, good sex and no complications; I only want to break away from the daily routine, release my tension a get what I want. So, my best option is to hire a sex professional.”

The Internet has revolutionized our world for near two decades and will keep on doing it. There’s nothing new, but we are sure that sluts in Barcelona don’t need pimps and that clients won’t change a date with a beautiful escort for something or someone they don’t know.

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30 May 2016  - 

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