Sexual services for him and for her

27 July 2015  - 
Sexual services for him and for her

La Vie en Rose  is the paradise of sexual practices and services which are waiting for the most curious and daring clients. The most demanding ones require the services of the best club in Barcelona and are interested in our hourly rental luxury rooms because they know it is the first club in the country which holds the ISO 90001  certificate for quality and hygiene standards. La Vie en Rose and the best escorts in Barcelona  are waiting for you to enjoy yourself to the fullest and not worrying about anything else.

Clients usually look for trusty high-quality places to enjoy their passion nights together with a luxury escort  or a mature escort . Although the most requested services are oral sex  and vaginal penetration, the truth is that dating an escort can involve many more practices and sensations. Surfing the Internet, we can find sexual services terms that are not graphic, or that we ignore. In today’s post, we are going to explain those practices that are good for both men and women.

Luxury room rental

To perform the most intimate and wild sexual practices, it is needed to have a good place where both him and her can relax and simply enjoy the escort or escorts they have booked a date with.

La Vie en Rose provides seven luxurious suites which have hourly rental room service . The rental of one room includes WiFi access, chromotherapy lighting, TV plasma screen with adult television channels, a mini bar, a kit for intimate hygiene, amenities, towels, and condoms. In addition, they are wonderfully decorated in a modern-erotic style.

Once we have the suite and one or more escorts, we can now start to think about the sexual services they offer, which will make our mouths water and ask our wishes come true.

Sex with two or more people

Suites are able to host more than two people. Sometimes, couples want to experiment with a luxury escort or a mature escort, and break with taboos and old-fashioned cock-and-bull stories we were taught since we were born. Booking a suite for a lusty sexual date is a way to widen passion horizons in couple and experimenting with pleasure in both partners.

If sex is practiced among more than two people, we are talking about the renowned “ménage à trois”, a French term which means threesome, or trio. There are many specialized in men and women escorts, that’s why it’s better to date bisexual escorts, who are able to do wonders in bed that you won’t forget.

If your fantasy includes even more people, La Vie en Rose also organizes all kind of private parties , sexual parties, orgies , bachelor parties , birthdays, business meetings, etc. If you can’t stop thinking about what we have described above, plan the perfect time for you to visit us and we will make your fantasy comes true.

Oral sex and its curious varieties

Oral sex , which for some people consists of sucking a dick, actually includes a wide variety of pleasant practices; sometimes dominant, pervert, a little wicked, or naughty. If you want to eat pussies properly, you can practice with your escort as much as you want to impress the rest of women in the world and be a perfect Romeo.

Feminine ejaculation is a perfect moment to experiment with snowballing. Snowballing in oral sex world has nothing to do with white color or strange substances. Snowballing means to take all the vaginal fluid with your mouth and keep it to pass it from your mouth to your partner’s mouth, who can be an escort, your couple, or any other people who wants to experience this exciting practice. Snowballing also refers to semen, the point is to play dirty with the sexual sources and push the limits.

Erotic massage

With the help of La Vie en Rose, you can contact the best masseuse escorts in Barcelona  and give in to this pleasant practice. Erotic massage consists of using erotic elements to relax the body such as feathers or ice. After achieving a sexually stimulant relaxation for the client, the practice ends up with a blowjob or any other practice the client wants.

The atmosphere you will find is perfectly adapted to this practice with lighting, music, bathtub foam, and a long etc.

Tantric massage is one of our specialties. It doesn’t involve explicit sex, but it involves an erotic-human relationship where both bodies caress each other and exchange cosmic and sexual energy. This is a much demanded service among men, and it is a way to connect our sexual energy with other people’s one. Tantric massage has been working in Orient for thousands of years and has begun to be renowned in Europe some years ago.



Fetish is a term which refers to paraphilias , or sexually exciting outside of the traditional oral sex or missionary position, for instance. The variety of paraphilias or fetishes is as wide as we can imagine. Actually, anything which has become essential to sexually excitement and orgasm can be considered as a fetish. There are people who get excited by seeing high heels, or need costumes as dressing like a woman to reach orgasm. In addition, vibrators or dildos, a third person looking how other people have sex, and golden shower are just a few examples of fetishes. There are paraphilias appealing to all tastes. 

27 July 2015  - 

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