3 ideas for sexual role changes with luxury escorts

Change, play and have the best sex with a sexual role change and enjoy to the fullest.

23 July 2018  - 
Sexual role changes

It happens to many people that they enter into the routine of sexual satisfaction. Practicing a missionary style coitus and "the little dog" is very common.

OK, these sexual postures are very good, but there comes a moment that makes you lose your passion and generate a habit, which leads you to look for other alternatives to give the touch of distinction in your sex sessions.

Games and role changes are very popular, and at the same time they work very well to stoke your sexual relations. Imagine that you are a policeman, a teacher or what your creativity provides you is something that only you put the limits.

Here we tell you some of the role changes you can play with a whore in Barcelona.

The funniest role changes

As we have said, playing the role of someone who is not you in bed, gives a lot of morbid, and that is why we give you some ideas so that you can start to think about for what you are going to do tonight in bed.

Believe a Mr. Grey

We all know that the film of 50 shades of Grey has stuck, and stuck very hard. That's why feeling a great tycoon, with a lot of money and having the girl you love the most is an incentive to excite you and make any sexual guts for the escort you hire.

Mrs. Call the plumber!

This is perhaps one of the cliché in the world of sex. That you pass yourself off as a plumber, and the escort by a housewife, wet on all sides, even on her vulva, is something you must imagine.

Consider a situation in your house with a whore, the story being like that. A very horny woman and you get very sweaty and marked to fix what you need, and put a great fuck and you hear all the neighbors.


This is the assignment of more masculine control to women in a sexual relationship. Here you should ask the escort to behave like a man, and put on a harness with a built-in cock, so that it can penetrate you and you feel a different pleasure than you are used to.

We assure you that you will love it!

In short, knowing how to give a different touch to your intimate relationships is very important so as not to bore you and that your head turns over everything and you can become a crazy deranged person.

23 July 2018  - 

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