Twelve star signs and twelve fates during the next months.

18 January 2018  - 

Twelve star signs and twelve fates during the next months.


Enough with shyness! Resentment isn’t your dominant trait but you can’t let others take advantage of you. Feel free to say what you think and suggest what you really want. People who see your attitude will feel attracted by you. Don’t forget that confidence is always a plus to women.

Your recommended practice: Be without sex during fifteen days and see what happens.


If you are stuck in your shell and don’t dare to, take a step towards any direction which approaches you to her. Come on, aquarius! The presence of someone special is so rare as seeing two full moons in the same month. You have to seize your opportunity and don’t be afraid. 2018 is perfect to forget how you have been until now in love and realize everything that is waiting for you. Drop a hint to someone you like.

Your recommended practice: Get naked!


You are a winter star sign but it was never a problem for you. Venus will light the flame of your natural passion. You must be tough because you can get a deception from someone you don’t expect, but you know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Your recommended practice: Anal sex.


You are passionate when you want, but you usually struggle to let yourself loose! You have had a 2017 with some interesting stories, but you were blowing hot and cold at the same time. This is your year! Enjoy passion!

Before spring arrives, you’ll be very active in the seek for a partner to spend your hours with. Don’t be silly and open to her. Take the relationship without prejudices, especially those relating to you. You only live once. You have to come on strong!

Your recommended practice: Close your eyes and let yourself loose.


You’ll feel lighter during this year. The past stories that didn’t help you at all will finally disappear. When will the flame of your passion light? In spring, given that you’ll have Venus in your constellation and it will be the responsible of your eagerness to experiment and meet a special woman.

The strong points of Taurus are the love for their roots, their appreciation for safety and the material. Going against yourself isn’t a good idea but, why don’t you try forgetting about that and start improvising? Improvise in your daily routine, your relationships and, above all, in bed!

Your recommended practice: Services for couples.


Your personal appeal will be more than evident this year. You could get those things you’ve been yearning for a long time. We are talking about a new professional project, an improvement of your health and the appearance of a very special girl or the arriving of a short but intense affair with the person you like.

Your recommended practice: A happy ending erotic massage.


The butterflies will appear in your stomach again! After a period of drought or pseudo passions, it has arrived the moment of giving yourself a treat. What would you have to do? It’s clear. Face your fears and insecurities and spread your appeal.

Your recommended practice: Mutual masturbation unhurriedly.


You are the lion of the savannah and that’s why you are a real show-off. This is also the reason of your passion misfortunes. You are charming and have sex-appeal, but don’t know how hit the target. You are approached by mediocre lovers and you go wriggling thinking your passion life rocks while in reality is a shame.

In this hipersexual period, go for quality instead of quantity. Sex is right there and meeting someone is easier than never thanks to social networks. Of course, you think it isn’t your thing. Even so, you have had a strong and powerful sexual year but you don’t remember half of the dates you had. Look for someone truly impressive, the rest doesn't impress you.

Your recommended practice: Cunnilingus or DATY.


There are few star signs where we can find such an evident contradiction as yours since you aren’t a virgin at all. Do you still have something to try in bed? We don’t think so. Virgo has a very captivating innocence but at the same time bubbles over with passion and is eager to exxxperiment.

There’s no one who bestes a virgo who have decided to give pleasure. If you have always been like this, you’ll keep on the same in 2018, maybe a little more relaxed to find a person who is able to keep you as a partner for a few months.

Your recommended practice: Bareback blowjob.


They say you are always looking for balance, but you should stop doing it in 2018 and specially during the month of your birthday, because planets will align so you can show all your charms. Starry nights and a good bottle of wine, you need nothing else to seduce her.

Your recommended practice: Titfuck blowjob.


Well, people always think about your boundless passion everytime they mention you. You have given away much of your surplus passion, but it seems that doesn’t make you happy anymore. You need more, as always, and we aren’t referring to more sex, but something much more deep.

Do you feel like falling in love? Such a great lover like you devoted to an only woman? You know you would leave her exhausted. Lucky girl who can try your hottest side.

Your recommended practice: Buy her the sexiest lingerie you can.


You don’t know you are seducing, however, you are seducing! This is one of your great wonders. You don’t look for seduction, but you go there and seduce. You know it, you have often been surprised by the women who have told you how horny you make them when you adjust your glasses or wear that jacket that looks so good on you.

Your recommended practice: Roleplay.

18 January 2018  - 

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