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Sex fetishes, dirty and perverted fantasies, paraphilias. How could we define them? They are everything beyond vanilla sex. Sex fetishes are games or obsessions which are clear or dark, funny or impressive. Endless sexual practices. Some of them are common, but others are hard to know they exist until we get immersed in the game. We have wrote in several occasions about paraphilias, let’s deepen in some of them.

Daily sex fetishes

Probably, psychologists would get nervous after reading our humble definition about sex fetishes and paraphilias. It would be something like this: Everything beyond vanilla sex. What is vanilla sex about? Repressive sex, practiced with guiltiness and a silly face.

The typical couple who practice the boring in and out thing, without oral sex or naughty positions, without dirty slang, with lights off and closed eyes. Death in life.

How many of you practice vanilla sex without knowing it? We are telling you, this is the right time to dining at the Y (DATY).

Menstruation is unappreciated

Once we have decided not to practice vanilla sex anymore, we’d better learn some sex general culture. Don’t worry. You are reading the most proper blog about hot sluts for a reason. 

In nowadays world, menstruation is unappreciated. Know that hematolagnia refers to getting sexual arousement through blood. Here, we can place vampirism, and somehow also BDSM, because if it is aggressive, blood flows.

People who fancy playing with blood and need it during their sex activities to reach orgasm, surely would like to spend an evening with a beautiful escort during her period. Some clients who work in the sanitary sector can get blood bags and fulfill their dreams without having to cut themselves.

There are escorts available for hematolagnia, some clients may ask for biting or injuring them; others will rather practice sex fetishes.

Erotic masks

Do you remember the classy orgy in Eyes Wide Shut movie? Masks were used for erotic purposes. There was a stunning slut with endless legs, tender voice and a Venezian mask full of black feathers.

If you are learned in porn movies, you probably know the typical scene where men wear wrestling masks.

To many people, masks are the dark point of a sex encounter. Anonymity, hiding your face as if our sex partner would suddenly be a stranger. Maybe fuckers who aren’t able to see each other’s faces can get rid of their prejudices and fuck at ease, finally!

The hang’s last pleasure

David Carradine, singer in INXS, and other people succumbed the hang’s last pleasure. Erotic asphyxiation is a mixture between asphyxiation and masturbation which leads to the utmost orgasm. Although it seems a lie, many men would rather play with fire than remain in doubt. They prefer having the best wank of their life. Sex fetishes can be fatal. They also have a dark side apart from erotism and orgasms.

Escorts have commented to us that only a few of them are able to practice erotic asphyxiation properly. If they get out of line, they may kill their hot client. Balance between breathe’s interruption and cum is a really risky art. This is far from vanilla sex, right?

Other escorts comment that there are clients who fancy feet and high heels. Foot fetishism and altocalciphilia are the names for those sex fetishes. Do you think a man would never pay to do a pedicure on the escort’s feet and then kiss and lick them? You are wrong. Do you think a man would never take an escort to a shoe shop only to watch her trying on high heels? You are wrong again.

Do you study, work, or are a serial killer?

Generally, men are more given to sex fetishes game, however, there’s a paraphilia which is exclusive for women. Hybristophilia. Think back, how many movies do you remember where the feminine main character falls in love with a too tough guy, like a criminal, for instance?

Hybristophilia refers to attraction for bad guys. If you make a little research on the Internet, you’ll find countless cases of women who fall in love with a serial killer and write love letters for them while they are in prison.

Psychologists say it is a way feeling protected because they are with the toughest guy of all; it is a way of ensuring the genes of the strongest male; which is a safe love because they’ll be forever in prison.

We don’t know it for sure, but hybristophilia is maybe the one of the most smashing sex fetishes. There are women who have an affair with their neighborhood’s drug dealer.

Teddy bears, robots, cars and motorbikes, natural disasters, fire, food, ice, colors, textures, costumes, a rear window, a traffic accident. Everything is good to get aroused and explode in pleasure.

There are so many sex fetishes that we can’t list them all, even in a hundred posts. Actually, we all fancy some sex fetishes, it gets worrying when they are absolutely necessary for us to get aroused and reach orgasm.

Don’t worry if everything we said isn’t interesting to you. It may happen that your sex fetishes haven’t been found out yet. We would like to recommend you getting out of your comfort zone and give up horrible vanilla sex.

You don’t deserve less than looking for sex arousement and fantasy in the company of a stunning escort from your favorite nationality. Life is short and dick isn’t always hard. 

13 October 2016  - 

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