Sex and sports: a great combination

22 December 2014  - 
Sex and sports: a great combination

Muhammad Ali, the greatest fighter of all times, refrained from sex before stepping into the boxing ring; even Plato told the Greeks to refrain from having sex if they were going to enrol for the Olympic games. However, science suggests that saving this energy does not mean it will be canalized for sports effort purposes, quite the opposite; ladies suffer from less muscular pain when having orgasms, and gentlemen become stronger when their testosterone release increases.

Sex the night before having a sports competition

If we hesitate, we better have a good taste of our partner's body in bed, the night before having a sporting race or any other sports event. Many people think saving this energy will make them more aggressive on the game's pitch, and that they will be more competitive.

In a Marathon race, do we really consume the energy we don't consume in bed? This subject's researchers say no.

Some sportsmen prevent themselves from sexual encounters before the sports game, thinking this testosterone saved will make them win. Keeping the cum in their bodies makes them believe they are more powerful. It is all the opposite though, the piece of advice is that they should do have sex.

Four studies have claimed otherwise people think, so, you should get back to bed with your love companion. These researches prove that, more than a bad thing, to spoil yourself in bed a few hours before a sports competition, is very advisable. Sex does not weaken or lower concentration, at least to men. Both in weightlifting and athletics, the contenders showed a good state of mind condition for their competition, after having passionate sex the night before the event.

But wait! The testing proved that the contenders were indeed unfocused when they had sex two hours before the competition.

The legend is only a legend

Definitely, enjoying sex before a race, a match or a competitive event, does not weaken the contenders. In men's case, having an orgasm the night before the event, helps increasing testosterone levels in blood, boosting their legs' power and strength.

In women's case, it has been proved that having an orgasm the night before a sports event, inhibits a pain neurotransmitter during the following 24 hours, making them feel less pain in their muscles.

The power of the mind

Even so, the power of the mind is essential in each one of our acts and desires. Some doctors assure that if the contender thinks having sex the night before is bad for him or for her, it probably will happen as he or she thinks; and otherwise. Many people associate sex with parties, alcohol and lots of food, so they refuse the idea of having sex the night before the competition.

Sporty escorts

Girls who work as prostitutes and call themselves sporty escorts, carry out an intense lifestyle. Even though they do not take part in the Olympic Games, nor are they famous because of Marathon top classifications in the world's capital cities, they do work out their bodies as if they were professional sportswomen.

Usually, all the escorts look after their bodies a lot. Some girls, like the black escorts, the Caribbean escorts, or the Brazilian escorts, do not need to work out in the gym for hours to have a fit body, yet it comes naturally to them; but other girls need to carry out a lifestyle with gym, diet and running sessions as part of their daily routine.

The sporty escorts spend their time off, when not working as sex workers, practising thoroughly some sort of sport. These prostitutes are very successful with the fit body lovers, these clients who like flexibility and endurance. Maybe these men have also been seduced by this lifestyle, and look for a sexual companion who is into sweat and goals hobbies as well.

The experience says that, in order to be a luxury escort, an intensive physical care is required. Most of the girls spend part of their time in weightlifting, abs, treadmill or spinning workouts. Then comes their job, maybe a sexual party or a Roman bacchanalia, sometimes these parties happen all night long, and they need to be fit to be able to carry on for hours.

Sex as a sport category

Can we say having sex is like practising a sport? Actually, it depends on what we can do in bed, but quite often we can say yes, it is quite similar.

Sex increases our heart rate and boosts blood circulation all over our bodies, cleaning it out faster than sitting down watching TV.

Sweating is a natural bathing method, opening up our skin pores and purifying them from the sticky city atmosphere, and washing them out thoroughly.

Muscles work with more or less pressure depending on the posture, we know it can end up in a true Marathon.

As yet, these are things that happen also in the sports practising; but, how about the physical contact thing?

Both, in some sports and sex, physical contact happens. Let's figure a Greco-Roman wrestling session, a football match, or a judo fight.

Besides, there is another common element in both: the energy intake, plus the good fun and satisfaction, although there is no gold medal winning at the end.

Like in sex, sports practising is a way of meeting new people, a way of engaging new friendships and group belonging relationships, intimacy with other people; and especially, it makes us feel good after practising it, indeed is an endorphin release explosion, these hormones that make us feel really good after a physical work.

Some people will use the experience to lie, showing off among their friends, and some others will love to have more, or maybe swinging partners; anyway, do not stop practising either in 2015.

22 December 2014  - 

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