Sex and its incredible facts

03 April 2014  - 
Sex and its incredible facts

Surely you had had any incredible fact about sex during your life, something rare that happened to you. In this article, we are going to describe some facts and happenings connected to sex such as sex on animal kingdom, for instance. In 2003, the first gay couple of penguins raised a baby penguin at Central Park Zoo. After years of living as a couple, they raised a baby, and the whole world got amazed by it.

What does practicing sex to your fill mean?

Some researchers have concluded that nobody have sex to their fill, since the more you practice it, the more you want it. So, be aware of the sex pace your life reaches because it’s only going to increase.

It is very easy to buy all sorts of sex toys in Europe, but not in Alabama and Mississippi. There, the State Attorney has recently concluded that “having orgasm-producer device is not a fundamental right,” so shops don’t sell them anymore, even the specialized ones; the owner of one of them has declared that “they will have to pull the vibrator out of my dead hand because I’m not going to renounce it.” By the way, vibrators were invented in 19th century to heal hysteria. Whatever excuse is good.

According to SH! sex shop in London, 60% women find exciting to buy a vibrator; probably because the double pleasure of sex and buying? Most women prefer buying them personally because they are as personal as handbags; they want to taste their quality before buying them.

Sex goddess Marilyn Monroe had trouble to reach orgasm. After intense therapy, she got to reach it, and she said it to her therapist exclaiming: “Bingo! Think about a dimmer light switch; the light starts to bright until it finally enlightens completely. Doctor, I’m your number one fan.” Good for Marilyn, maybe she had found many curved down, despite erect, penises. According to studies, a quarter of all penises are not as great as they should be.

Why are 20 cm penises famous, if most penises are between 12 and 15 cm long?

Given that statement, it is completely normal that most men think they have a tiny penis. However, most women are satisfied with their partner’s penis measure.

Girlfriend or boyfriend absence makes the heart be touched, and miss the partner, but it can also contribute to less-sperm issues. However, we won’t notice the difference because the average amount of sperm in a teaspoon is about three hundred million elements.

If you are worried about calories, practicing sex is a world renowned remedy. It burns two hundred calories average each thirty minutes. But, it depends on the kind of sex you have; it’s not the same having sex after an argument, having an ordinary couple fuck, or having sex as a couple of acrobats.

Do you remember those comments on sperm being good for the skin? Actually, they are true; it really is hydrating, anti-aging, and it makes the skin being firm and smooth. We are not sure about recommending creams and lotions, or just getting the sperm inside a bottle and using it on a daily basis; it’s advisable to drop jasmine essence. Otherwise, when people approach to greet you, they will talk not only about the smooth skin you have.

What do dolphins and humans have in common?

Something very special: we are united by the reason why we practice sex: enjoying ourselves. Dolphins are very clever. Yes, it’s what we really have in common. We don’t know if we also share infidelity to the partner. It is said that women usually have affairs because they are unhappy with their partners.

And, grandfathers who wear beret, cane, corduroy trousers and old-fashioned jackets assure they still have sexual prowess.

Listen up, men! Eating celery makes you more attractive to women. Chewing celery helps your androsterone levels, a hormone related to the sense of smell. These hormones go from nose to brain, which is the organ responsible for releasing a bigger amount of hormones which make you more attractive for women.

Menstruation can set the sexual pace in a couple. In fact, it often determines the sexual intercourses because according to some statistics, men are not precisely willing to have sex with their girlfriends when they have the menstruation. However, they have no problems when it comes to sucking their dick. But, this shouldn’t be a problem for them because they will be able to enjoy to the fullest in bed after their girlfriends’ menstruation; if it’s not in bed, they will enjoy in a car, since it is the second preferred place to have sex.

Annabel Chung can boast about being a great fucker. No men have reached her level, although they are the ones considered as seducers and fuckers. No way. This girl was born in Singapore and she beat the record at the age of 22: she fucked with 70 men nonstop during 10 hours. She advertised on TV and then fucked 70 men one by one. This way, she earned the right to be recognized as the greatest fucker, letting all men down.

We spend on average around 20,000 minutes kissing, which is equivalent to 336 hours, or 14 days. We think we don’t invest time enough to this sign of love, affection, and human passion. We should invest more time in it.   

Body hair grows at different speed. Fortunately, pubic hair grows at low speed; imagine what a pity would be to wax it on a daily basis… 

03 April 2014  - 

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