Seven stages of love

14 July 2016  - 
Seven stages of love

Everybody seems to be looking for love. Since the very first moment when we watch a cheesy Hollywood movie, we want to find an alike story for us. However, reality is different. We are looking forward to finding sex stories in Barcelona; above all, we hope to find a stunning girl who is a great fucker and loving, too. Our readers should know that they may have already found several stages of love without knowing it. North American psychologist Neel Burton explains that there are up to seven stages of love on his book “Heaven and Hell: The psychology of the emotions”.

Eros: sex Barcelona

The stage of love named “Eros” is sexual and passionate. We identify it with romantic love. In Greek mythology, it is referred as a certain stage of craziness  after being shot an arrow by Cupido. That arrow makes us fall in love. This expression is an analogy that lead us to think how much we are about to suffer from love because of our “fall”. In addition, our chubby boy Cupido is usually represented as a blindfolded figure with arrows and a bow. Now you are putting two and two together. Philosopher Schopenhauer identifies that emotion with our struggle for surviving and reproducing. To sum up, we consider love a passionate experience full of cracks. Does is sound familiar to you?


The main trait of Philia is friendshipness, being kind to the others. Aristóteles stated that people can become friends if both are useful, friendly or nice to the other one, people whose personalities are a mixture between reason and virtue. According to this philosopher, friendshipness is only possible because one of those three reasons. What about sexual contacts Barcelona? Now you may be thinking about your sex affairs with a friend of yours; she is probably not your girlfriend, but both like sharing their benevolence in bed.

Philia is a wide spectrum. What about those couples whose passionate love becomes a real friendship? Then, they would be a couple of good friends enjoying sex encounters in Barcelona. That friendship would make your suffering disappearing because both partners would do big efforts to try to understand each other. Thanks to Philia, Eros’s wild possession gets reduced and we go into a new more stable and comprehensive stage of a relationship. Do you feel attracted by this stage of love? Let’s see what you think about the next stage of love.


Storge, aka affection, refers to family love between parents and children. When children are young this stage of love is symmetric and almost unilateral. Storge doesn’t come from the affinity with the other person, on the contrary, it is unconditional. We usually link different stages of love. Eros, passionate love, can lead us to Philia, a stage of love which involves a friendship where passions remain under control, and Storge, unconditional love for our children.

We expect to get to a more calmed and comprehensive love after spending some crazy sex evenings in Barcelona. People who reach Philia are lucky because they’ll get a relationship without neither fights nor jealousy, where it is possible to enjoy being independent individuals with a common plan; however, it is common to get stuck in Eros and not be able to get over that passionate crazy stage. It is cool, but Eros usually leave a trail of broken hearts which Philia can’t heal. If a couple has offspring, then Storge appears, but it doesn’t mean that parents get along well. Love stages don’t need to be consecutive.


Agape identifies universal love. Agape means to love Mother Nature, God, or whatever you want to name it. It doesn’t depend on external situations. Neither family, nor other people, nor religion. Altruism is a good word to define Agape. This means to do good without expecting something in return. The latest investigations reveal that altruism, or Agape is a way of euphoria, it is how good you feel when you help someone. Agape is associated to mental health and long life. Thanks to this feeling, world hasn’t ended yet. So, let’s practice Agape a little more!


Luxury escorts and brothels in Barcelona know a lot about Ludus. This is a naughty love. It involves taking your clothes off, dancing, seducing and enjoy sex sessions in Barcelona. What matters here is to enjoy and have fun without obligations or commitments. Ludus relationships are informal. Although this stage of love may seem weak, it can last for years until it becomes Eros. There start jealousy, questions, possession and problems. The fact that Ludus is a free love eases the transition to Philia, so we can enjoy a more complete relationship than Eros relations.


Pragmatic love. Pragma gets sex passion to a second place in favour of certain interests. Maybe, we share goals or likings with our partner. It may happen that sex evenings with our partner in Barcelona become a mixture of Storge and Pragma as time goes by. Blessed calm. People are compatible and enjoy good company. This was probably the most essential feature for convenience marriages. Although it seems old-fashioned, we still see it in some renowned couples like the Clintons.


Philautia refers to love for oneself. If you love yourself too much, then it can lead you to act selfish, be unfair and conflictive. But, the lack of Philautia is a problem, too.

How many stages of love have you experienced?

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