Senior escorts in Barcelona: A sweet bite

11 July 2014  - 
The advantages of hooking up with a mature escort in Barcelona

Sexuality, as in everything in our light life, is a “fashion victim” as well. During the 19th century, beauty was seen in the ladies' necks, back then, a much more interesting body part than breasts; however, nowadays it would be out of the question to set anything else above the boobies. This obsession -some people say it began because of the US porn movies some decades ago- is still on fashion nowadays, not letting stand out any other part of the female's body.

Men's bodies, eclipsed by the heterosexuality's fashion, get shadowed and they are only appreciated by the gay public. The same happens with the age obsession. Young ladies stand on mature ladies, yet the sensual power and experience of a real woman survives and weathers the storm over this obsession with the just-turned 18 y.o. girls.

In Praise of Older Women

Procreation might be what stands behind the everlasting male desire to have sex with a young lady, since a young girl has plenty of time in life to look after the children, as well as much more physical endurance. If the reason was to father a baby, the best option would be definitely to fuck a twenty y.o. girl. But this is not the aim in a booking date with an escort.

If sensuality and experience with a woman is the main point, the best option is to book a 
senior escort  service. What fashion says about a senior escort? In the erotic novel “In Praise of Older Women” days, during the sixties, the author was talking about a thirty something woman. Nowadays, senior ladies are a decade older, those who are in their forties. Actually, this is not relevant, because fashion evolves randomly depending mainly of the elites' tastes and opinions, meaning we are only puppets of their wills at any time.

The best choice

In La vie en rose, one can find a wide variety of ladies making hard to decide the choice, because one can add many good features apart from the age. For instance, the 
services offered, like duplex or threesomes, black kiss, BDSM, blowjobs, cross dressing, fancy dressing, call girls to hotelscall girls to homes, etc. In some cases age is essential and in other cases it is not; yet we can say for sure, in most occasions, the senior escort's experience and sensuality outstands over the young escort, no matter how lovely the last one can be.

Besides, we need to take in account all the time an escort spends in other things apart from sex for money in Barcelona. “Companion” means a lady who accompanies the client to a dinner, a trip or a meeting. In all these situations the senior escort matches what the client needs better than a younger one, because she knows how, she has social aptitudes, she can hold a conversation and she is more assertive in these occasions.

The perfect companion

The escorts, although many people may think otherwise, can combine a hectic busy life day and night because they are physically fit. 
Senior escorts spend a lot of time in getting fit, in their skin care and their muscle tone work. Their lifestyle demands to be perfect, so they achieve the same good physical conditions younger girls already have and offer.

Probably one of their best features is this human and social acknowledgement, that adds the experience value when accompanying a client in whatever situation.

The client experience

We have asked some of La Vie en Rose clients and, as we expected, they have talked with enthusiasm about their booking dates with senior escorts. For some of them, conversation was a very important matter, yet sex can be done with many escorts, but a good conversation is something not all of them can hold, they told us. Sometimes a man can feel overwhelmed by his good lover's fame, however what really gets his interest in a booking date with an escort, is the chance to speak to her and talk about his life; many escorts have admitted sometimes they feel more like psychologists or friends rather than whores.

When gentlemen call for a complete booking date -as we understand it, it is a date with sex and good conversation- they highlight the age factor. A senior escort has a certain cultural level, and a deeper and wider knowledge of the male condition thanks to her experience. According to the clients' words, enjoying a date with a nice, interesting and jolly conversation combined with professional sex, is the best way to spend their money.

Some clients speak of senior escorts as “real women”, these ladies “one can feel at the same level, not like his father”. It is a matter of taste. Some other clients underline the good service they received when the senior escort joined them in a business dinner with other gentlemen and their respective wives -or else it looked like that-, and they needed a companion. “The lady who accompanied me did it really well, she behaved as she was my wife, she made the cut in conversation, cultural level, poise, looks; she dressed sexy but elegant and addressed me as if we were married and in love, everything was perfect. She was nice to the other ladies and discreet with the other gentlemen. After that, we went to La vie en rose and had wild sex; I left completely satisfied, I will never forget this date”.

senior escort power lies in the lady's experience and beauty, her knowledge of the male body and mind. A perfect combination made to seduce and reach the most demanding high standards. 

11 July 2014  - 

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