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Chatting with the guys, it comes out their favorite subject. Sex, sex and more sex. Only the people who are over eighty years old think it is overvalued. To the rest of mortals, to fuck or not to fuck is an important question. Obviously, we are understanding fucking as a human connection, not only as a quick silly shag.

How was the first time you fucked? With your girlfriend, a neighbor, a friend of your sister, or the same in the opposite sex. We are telling you this because we want to be realistic.

And that first time, who was with? More than one will answer that their first fuck was with a slut. One of the most common answers among men.

Scared to death?

Fucking a hottie. Men have that idea in mind since we are teenagers. Television, advertising and culture lead us to be obsessed about sex with women, honestly, there’s nothing which make us feel more aroused.

The first time is an experience you have been waiting for all your life. Finally, it arrives the day when you reveal some of its secrets. That is why losing their virginity with a luxury prostitute, or a brothel slut it isn’t weird to many men’s eyes.

Having a first sex experience with a luxury escort has many advantages. Our partner won’t tell our friends if we were good or bad at it. That’s something to keep in mind because it is important to get a good fucker’s reputation from the beginning. We’d better learn about how women cum before sleeping with the one we like.

Going punting

Many boys tell that when they approach the right age for it, it is common to invite a friend to go punting. So, you should save money for new pants, drinks and sex.

What age do men begin having sex experiences at? It depends. Some do it at 15 years old, others at 14, some others even at 13. However, some men don’t get started until they are 40, and we swear you can notice it on their faces.

When they choose their big night and they are ready to fuck a luxury prostitute, they have a drink at the brothel and choose the hottest escort. They say the chosen luxury escort smiles at the sight of such a tender boy. She knows it will a short but intense experience that he’ll never forget. He isn’t a regular client. He is a virgin, someone special.

Once in the suite, the luxury slut invites him to get a quick shower together. This moment will remain on the client’s mind forever. Not only dating a luxury escort is different to fucking a cheap slut, it must feel that way, too.

Sexy lingerie, relaxed environment. Meanwhile, the youngest one is already naked on the bed and the luxury slut approach him on her four. His friends are at the bar area, all of them want to fuck, but there isn’t enough money for everyone.

Not even the best porn movies

You can’t, and neither want to, hide your hard-on. Your dick is harder than never. Not even the best porn movies have made him feel so aroused. After dreaming about it, the night when you’ll put your dick in a stunning luxury slut has finally arrived.

The escort asks him what he wants to joke and try to release his tension a little bit. After two or three blows, she rides on him and he can't avoid cumming immediately.

Of course, what did you expect? His friends have paid for an hour in a suite and a 16 year old boy has a lot to give. Did he used and enjoyed his sixty minutes to the fullest in the company of a luxury escort? Yes, of course.

There are many clumsies in sex

To men, it is right to fuck a luxury escort for their first time. It is good to have an idea about real sex before sleeping with the girl you like. You can get a lot of ideas from porn movies, but they are nothing but a fiction and many clumsies in sex think that every woman is a porn actress, nothing could be more untrue.

Those who are experienced in sex with women should remind that they also learned how to do it, they weren’t perfect at that time.

Sex is a continuous learning

Sex, like everything in life, is a continuous learning. It is bad that some guys think they know it all. The fact that a luxury escort teach some sex lessons to a guy is something good for humanity.

We all must know how to treat women without forgetting that not all of them are whores, so they’ll won’t approve anything you suggest. In real life, girls who don’t enjoy with us in bed, won’t approach us ever again.

Of course, religious fundamentalists would tell us that having our first fuck with a luxury prostitute is an abomination. They think that popping your cherry is something sacred you give to someone and all the fuss about it we have always heard.

Maybe, the only thing against popping your cherry with a luxury escort is that it may lead us to think that the rest of women are also sluts. You don’t need to be very clever to know it isn’t like that.

As for the rest, first times with luxury prostitutes are more common than what we may think. We have seen it in movies, heard it in our group of friends and experienced it in first person. 

21 October 2016  - 

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