Mobs are offering to bully clients cheap and foul sex with exploited women in Barcelona city centre

10 September 2014  - 
Exploited prostitutes in Barcelona

Barcelona Ramblas is a well-known area because of its touristic attractive as well as its wide range of nightlife “entertainment”: low quality drugs, cans of alcohol for 1 euro sold by foreigners, and fast low cost sex with chances of catching STD run by mobsters, who make money off human beings trade. Usually they “use” women because ladies are more vulnerable and also get for sure clients who turn a blind eye just for a blowjob.

Indeed, Las Ramblas is a raucous boulevard with people from everywhere, and many of them do their funny businesses to make a living. Theatres, 
restaurants, shops, there is room for everything, and when the sun sets, there is even more; grubby low cost sex businesses in the Raval narrow streets -a bully sexual human trade with women who catch and spread STD- are happening in front of everybody, even the so-called local authorities as well.

These are the forgotten whores in Barcelona. 
Prostitutes in Barcelona who probably did not want to become hookers, but somebody has forced them to make a living this way, feeding the worldwide human traders mobs, and dragged from one place to another to be quickly shagged in a building doorway over and over again.

These women have been forced to work as prostitutes in the Barcelona Ramblas surrounding streets. Before being chased away from the hustle -sometimes the scenes were outrageous, walking down those streets after midnight was truly scary- the authorities had the brilliant idea of fining them, so the mobs -who did not want to lose a cent from the low cost sex for money business with women trade in the city centre- pushed them to work in the surrounding streets of Raval quarter; but, of course, there are people living over this area, and the neighbours are shocked and horrified with the unavoidable sight of this cheap nasty business with a, let's say, Nigerian woman.

Here is a question for the dubious authorities efficiency: have they solved the women trafficking and their prostitution in the city centre problem with the fining system to the exploited victims, plus the useless police presence hanging around the area? We are sorry to say, but they have not.

The neighbours' protests

Famous and highly touristic attractive districts like Ciutat Vella and Born, and not so splendid districts like Sant Adrià del Besòs, are two areas where the authorities get calls and complains of citizens fed up with the sight of sex on the streets, performed by mobs trade women and clients who want a cheap blowjob -the last ones turning a blind eye not wanting to admit they are abusers as well-, and residents fed up with the mobs' invasion, who act with complete impunity, and who might laugh out loud as well every time the authorities fine the girls, in other words, the victims. Very clever resolutive authorities...!

The situation is often in the mass media news; recently, a district of Raval resident has recorded a video of a client and a prostitute making a deal in the entrance of the building where he is living, when suddenly the neighbours catch them when they are about to start the performance, and tell them to leave at once.

The “best” always comes at once: street prostitution, drug dealing and dirt

Let's not fool ourselves, if they do not care about sex in a doorway, morning, evening or night time in street prostitution conditions, what should they care about leaving behind a sticky condom, a drink plastic cup or even buying cocaine, hash or heroine in such a “romantic” moment? This is the neat atmosphere in Barcelona city centre, where the local authorities just can think of fining the suffering victims, a “solution” that obviously has worsened the situation.

What warranty can have the children's parents who live in this quarter, where the street prostitution is boosted by mobs as well as cocaine and dirt?

The bully client gets a cheap deal when having sex in a doorway entrance
Let's be clear, the media talk about a social clamour: we have to regulate street prostitution and get to the problem's root, where the mobs' bosses are pulling the strings, grotesquely rich thanks to this bully client who is looking for this cheap deal boosting the business. Indeed, the client gets a cheap deal having sex in a doorway entrance, but, what is the price an exploited woman is paying, as well as general health care, the residents well-being, and, of course, Barcelona's reputation? We believe if we add some extra costs, this deal would be not so cheap.

Step by step coming from the EU

Some countries move more slowly towards the prostitution legalization process than others; it is not an easy business, say the Netherlands politicians and associations, but it is worth to try it. In this country, we just let things happen, and when the situation bursts out, then we just get to fine the victims.

Ladies and gentlemen from the authorities: please do something about this women's trafficking businesses, which only profits the mobs and the bully clients; there is no further research needed, the Policía Nacional is clever enough and has all the network operation knowledge, so please simply legalize the prostitution business and take it out of the dire, now you have already added this business profits in the European Nations GDP list. Just follow this path and do something to take all the girls, who never wanted to become prostitutes, out of this mobs' businesses, and please offer a perfectly clear tax control, and social, legal and occupational covering for these girls who have chosen to be prostitutes in Barcelona, because they want it and because they do make a living from it. Just basic.

10 September 2014  - 

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