Private parties with escorts: be the best host

06 July 2015  - 
Private parties with escorts: be the best host

Private parties  with the best escorts in Barcelona  have become one of the most requested services lately. The way of celebrating the important events of life has changed a lot. Before, a bachelor party meant a night out with friends. Now, it means a wild private party with escorts.

The utmost fun for a special occasion

Many men think about traditional ways to celebrate their birthday or a  bachelor party  with friends; maybe a night out in Barcelona in good company. However, other men prefer to celebrate in a way that is hard to forget; they want to get a very special evening, something to gift and surprise that friend who is not going to be single anymore like, for instance, the most pleasurable surprises.

Private parties with escorts in Barcelona come up to fulfill those desires; they are the only parties very men want experience without exception. A crazy night in the company of the best whores in Barcelona  who are ready to do the most horny and pervert services.

Sexual party

After a business dinner, when everybody is happy with the deals, they have earned the right to have a relaxing time after many hours of stress and work. Private parties with escorts in Barcelona are one of the most appropriate ways of leaving a good impression on your clients.

One, two, or several beautiful escorts can accompany your guests and show off their bodies on a stage inside a fully-equipped room to arrange a private party with escorts.

The girls dance on the stage, they do pole dance swagger movements, dance in circles around you, and striptease, so guests’ temperature reaches unsuspected limits. How could you be even more successful with your guests? You should add sex with the escorts to the celebration.

A services catalogue full of fantasies

Have you taken a look to the escort sexual services ? Have you seen something you don’t understand? Would you like to experience forbidden pleasures? Ask for those things you are interested in and imagine how nice it would be including them in your private party with escorts.

All kinds of oral sex ; bareback blowjobs, titty blowjobs, irrumatios, and snowballing are all services you could experience in such a special occasion as the bachelor party of a good friend, or a birthday party.

In addition to the above mentioned services, there are also specialized escorts in BDSM , vibrators, dressing up to let your imagination getting into the dirtiest sexual fantasies , Greek anal sex , or deep throat .

A private party with escorts can be as intense as the host wants it to be. He can be taken to immemorial times when orgies  were a usual way of having fun with friends. Enjoying the dancing of escorts on the stage and let them take control.

The best club in Barcelona

La Vie en Rose  is the best club in the Catalonian main city for those who want to be the best host for their guests. It isn’t the first club with hourly rental luxury rooms holding the  ISO 9001  certificate for nothing.

The best escorts in Barcelona advertise on the web site of the club. Moreover, each one of them advertises their specialties in sex. Let your imagination fly away while you are between the legs of your favorite escort and feel your hands on her smooth skin.

You can meet them before the private party while you have a drink with them in our bar area. They are experts in seduction, so it’s probable you want to know her deeper. That’s when you can come into one of our luxury suites which are fully-equipped with huge plasma screen TV, chromotherapy lighting to awake your senses and pleasure sensations, music, luxury shower or bathtub, Nespresso coffee pod machine, amenities, and the best champagne.

We have a scrupulous-to-detail cleaning service. Our escorts take regular health tests for security and quality reasons. In addition, we also invite our clients to take a health test if they wish.

What would be the icing of the cake?

Nearby La Vie en Rose there are restaurants and all kinds of pubs and discotheques. Starting the evening with a nice dinner, the best wine, and your guests is a very advisable way to take energy before getting into your private party with escorts.

Our facilities are located downtown Barcelona and that allows having dinner at good restaurants nearby our club. Although clients usually are very satisfied and relaxed after a private party with escorts, there are discotheques and pubs to keep on partying where you can drink and listen to good music.

Many clients decide arranging an intense private party with escorts experience; they start by having dinner at a gourmet restaurant, and then continue with the private party. They firstly enjoy the escorts visually and chat with them; then they enjoy turning their dirtiest and pervert fantasies into reality. After that, if they still have energy, they go to the nearest discotheque to drink, listen to good house music, and comment the best moments of the private party with escorts.

The best host is one who makes their guests be surprised with what he offers, a host who invites you to an unforgettable party. Escorts, fantasies, striptease, blowjobs, orgies, sex; everything you want and much more it’s possible at La Vie en Rose.


It is the best luxury escort club in Barcelona for a reason. The best facilities, outstanding hygiene and health care, and what is really important: the hottest and horniest escorts who are expert in giving pleasure to men so they have the most special evening of their life. 

06 July 2015  - 

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