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Pompeii: how does a man feel when he gets lost in pleasure?

Let’s imagine that Barcelona suffers a natural disaster and the only standing building after it is the most renowned and well-reputed brothel in Barcelona. That is what happened in Pompeii, in 79 A.D. it got swallowed by lava, toxic gases and volcanic ash. However, the lustful clients of luxury sluts sinning in a brothel at that moment have made history. For those readers who visit this mysterious city, we invite them to walk around the brothels and other areas conceived for sex.

What was it like a brothel in Barcelona 2.000 years ago?

In ancient Pompeii, escorts and sluts performed their job at discrete places because they were far away from the city and kind of hidden. It is not a secret that Romans were the masters of orgies and have remained in our memory as great hedonists. Wine, music, sex, much sex, the same things humans have always enjoyed. It is not weird that brothels in Barcelona still offer the same recipe for a crazy night.

Nowadays, we can hire a suite for a couple of hours and perform Greek anal sex (a-levels) with a luxury escort while we watch TV in a big plasma screen; the ancient Pompeian brothel was called “The Lupanare Grande” and still have its walls adorned with fresco ceilings illustrating BBBJ and other practices and positions equally erotic.

Was this a way to show their service catalogue, or only a way to make clients get a hard-on? There weren’t TVs or Internet in Pompeii, but they got their own means to make clients comfortable there.

Writing comments down

Nowadays, brothels in Barcelona have several ways to gain a good reputation. The Internet eases broadcasting pictures of teen university escorts, luxury escorts, and sluts in Barcelona. Two thousand years ago The Lupanare Grande’s clients wrote their comments on its walls, so that other could read them and find out interesting details about others' experiences.

Most of these sluts in Pompeii weren't Romans, but Asian and Greek. According to the paintings, they were the best escorts because those who tried sex with them wrote: "I have fucked many girls here", or "last 15th June, Hermeros fucked Phileterus and Caphisus."

They didn't bother to write original senteces.

Was The Lupanare Grande affordable to everybody, or was it affordable only to wealthy men?

Most men were able to come over to the brothels and enjoy sex with sluts, same with nowadays brothels in Barcelona. The heart of the matter is how often were they able to attend a brothel.

Wealthy Romans didn't approach The Lupanare Grande because they had personal luxury escorts living in their houses and villas. However, common people usually leaded to places where most of Romans attended.

Sex price

Two pieces of bread and half a liter of wine were the fee to spend a while with a slut. We don't know what services included. Maybe wine and bread weren't enough to get deep throat, light BDSM or fetish services.

Since then, the price of having sex with a Brazilian escort, for instance, has risen remarkably, hasn't it?

Needless to say that prostitutes didn't get even a sip of wine of the price that clients had paid for them. All payments got managed by brothels.  If prostitues had fixed their own prices, they probably hadn't resigned to be paid peanuts.

Pompeii's sex positions

Have you ever thought that Kamasutra is the most complete sex book ever? We believe that fresco ceilings at The Lupanare Grande in Pompeii are more powerful and liberating.

In The Ages of Lulú movie, there is a scene where a man is fucking another man who is fucking a woman at the same time. That's having fun for real! That kind of scenes were what had remained at The Lupanare Grande's walls for centuries. So, comparing to that, many porn websites look like boring. How does a man feel when he gets lost in pleasure?

Shocked by their spontaneity

Francis I of Naples visited Pompeii along with his wife on XIX century and got so shocked by the sexual legacy of the Roman city that shut The Lupanare Grande down; that's how theseMediterranean fresco ceilings remained hidden until the sixties thanks to the Sexual Revolution. Nowadays, it is possible to visit The Lupanare Grande and look at the most pornographic art representations you have ever seen. We are sure that some visitors will have to be careful, so the other visitors don't find how aroused they felt.

Annoying taboos about sex

Pompeian people would laught at us if they find some of the current ideas we have about sex nowadays. Like remaining a virgin until you get married, not using condoms, the lack of cunnilingus around the world, celibacy and homophobia, among other stupid current ideas.

According to escort girls and luxury sluts, many men meet them wanting to experience BBBJ (bareback blowjob) or a threesome (aka trio). Brothels in Barcelona are conceived to give pleasure and open sex world to so many men that suffer because of a puritan girlfriend who doesn't even touch them.

It seems that, in the past, people lived sex and experimented as much as they wanted. There's not much to add to the service mentioned just above: threesome. We are not used to imagine all possible kinds of threesomes, we usually get our mind stucked in classic FFM and MMF, letting aside other interesting options.

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