Three in bed gives us an idea of how fun and creative sex can be. Most interesting, there are many combinations within sexual trios, varied and very pleasurable. But if we much choose one of them it's, without a doubt, the trio with two women. High sexual potency, just apt for the best lovers.

15 May 2017  - 

Within trios, we find a trio of aces, singing trios and sexual trios. The latest is one of the best things that can happen to us in our lives. If until now you had focused on couple sex, it’s time to start thinking about a hot evening in the company of two escorts. It offers a whole world of possibilities. The most interesting is that there are many combinations within sexual trios, varied and very pleasurable. But if we must choose one of them it’s, without a doubt, the trio with two women. High sexual potency, only apt for the best lovers.

Three is a multitude?

No. Three is not a multitude. Three in bed gives us an idea of how fun and creative sex can be. Once we have overcome the religious or cultural teachings in which practicing something else than vanilla sex is for depraved people, we can think about the number 3.

Group sex, services to couples, sexual parties or orgies, are related to a more open than usual sexual practice. Before experimenting something with a greater affluence of friends and escorts, we can try a trio on one of the suites at La Vie en Rose.

Down with Vanilla sex

Vanilla sex comes from an English term that refers to the kind of sex found in manuals about sexual reproduction. In which the man introduces his penis in the woman’s vagina and ejaculates. Without any further story or pleasure, both think they have practiced sex when in reality they were only pretending.

Sex with escorts is the total opposite of vanilla sex. Creative, free, without shame or complexes, passionate and full of high voltage. Today’s post is dedicated to those people for whom vanilla sex is boring and want to scream: Enough!

What kind of trio do you recommend?

If you are a woman, we recommend you to practice all sort of trios to enlighten yourself on a fulfilling sexual life. You only live once and women have suffered much repression, therefore, it’s time to open up to new experiences.

If you are a man, obviously, the platinum option is a trio with two women. But, careful, a trio with two escorts it’s only for well prepared men, most experienced and capable.

Among the services offered by escorts you find the duo or the lesbian. Both are a ménage á trios but on the duo escorts don’t touch each other, while they do on the lesbian.

It depends on the client’s taste an whether he gets more excited about receiving all the pleasure himself or if he enjoys the vision of two stunning escorts practicing sex in the same bed he’s in.

Pleasure’s summum

The man that dreams about sex recreates himself with the perfect woman. Beauty, long hair, soft curves and large breasts. Let’s imagine we multiply it by two. That is exactly the most repeated image of a male sexual fantasy.

In reality, at a sexual party, the senses get blurred. There are more than three bodies, more than three pairs of hands and legs; it’s hard to focus and enjoy deeply. On the other hand, a trio allows feeling maximum pleasure as the client can manage two escorts in bed and have a good time with both as well as taking the role of a voyeur. It all has a more human scale so pleasure is more intense.

To add the icing on the cake to this experience, some men wish to start with both escorts giving him a four hands erotic massage. Lying in bed, everything starts softly, sensually, and slowly rises up.

Other men prefer to start with a bottle of champagne and a shower with both escorts; others opt for bringing their partners to La Vie en Rose and booking a girl; and others combine nationalities and colours inside the suite and choose a black escort and a Slav one. Each one can make the combination they prefer to have an unforgettable ménage à trios and get the maximum pleasure for all.

A very special trio: services to couples

If you already have a partner, it’s easier to make a trio! Maybe you have already talked with your spouse or girlfriend about the most common erotic dream among men. What better idea than making it true with her.

Going even further, one of the sexual experiences women most dream about is sleeping with another woman. If your partner is among that group of dreamers, it’s all set to organize the evening in the company of an escort you both like.

If you want to re launch the passion in the relationship, try new things together or simply repeat something you did some time ago, you must choose the invited guest star. Generally, as far as trios go, the invited guest star is the unknown by the partner but with an escort everything is more flexible and imaginative.

If it’s your wife’s first time with another woman, the invited guest star could be her; or you, as the date’s organizer.

Advantages of a trio with escorts

Whether accompanied by your partner or alone and dating two escorts, the truth is that sex with professionals is, in a certain way, a guarantee of pleasure and satisfaction. Fantasies such as a titfuck blowjob, facial blowjob, sexual toys, cross dressing or disguises, are part of the escorts’ job. If you tell them your dreams, they’ll know how to make them come true in the most adequate way.

Brazilian escorts, Japanese or Russian, university student escorts or cosplay, experts in light, mild or hard BDSM, all of them are sex experts and are eager to open the doors of desire to men who wish to come alone or in good company.

15 May 2017  - 

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