Nonsenses about escorts’ image in TV and cinema

01 October 2015  - 
Nonsenses about escorts’ image in TV and cinema

Mass media always talk about what they want. Besides brainwashing us, giving force to stereotypes is one of their favorite hobbies. Women, men, animals, things and even aliens aren’t able to escape from their obsession. Earthling women whose appearance is sexually attractive are harassed and escorts also get a piece of that magnified stereotype. Let’s deep on what is the vision of whores and escorts in Barcelona and the rest of the world given by TV and cinema.

We have met some of the escort girls who work in Barcelona. The Egyptian escort and the Catalan escort and also the rest of them have helped us to get down some nonsenses which mass media attribute to escorts’ image.

Whores, escorts, mafias and murders

Some foreign escorts who can be found in Barcelona are Egyptian escortsColombian escorts and Venezuelan escorts; they come from far countries, but that doesn’t mean they all are involved with mafias. One of the best parts of fucking an escort is that she has become a whore voluntarily. We can’t say the same of street workers, road workers, or whores in the worst clubs in our country. Although clients play fool, they perfectly know that paying for sex in one of those places means to contribute to human trafficking and to make mafias earn more money.

There are movies like “American Gigolo”, and several TV series where whores are related to crime, but escorts aren’t. Their clients aren’t gangsters, serial killers, or cheap pimps.

Whores in Barcelona and happy endings

In this case, we are not referring to erotic massages, where happy ending means to get laid, but to escorts’ career endings when they find true love, and all that boring stories.

TV and cinema have promoted a tragic image for whores and escorts, as there are few movies where they get a happy ending. According to what the Colombian escort affirms, the truth is that there are escorts and whores who combine perfectly their jobs with a romantic relationship, have economic independence and stay unruffled, despite their accelerated life style.

“Leaving Las Vegas” is one of those movies which has a bitter ending for the main character. The whore main character and her boyfriend end very badly. The miserable life of the girl left a mark in the audience, putting together whores’ fate and fatality.

Whores are BFF

Although we are now talking to foreign escorts while we have a drink at La Vie en Rose ’s bar area, whores and escorts usually don’t have enough time to meet and be friends. The Venezuelan escort has recognized she would like to have more spare time to get to know other escorts. However, it is unusual that escorts know their colleagues.

Our readers may be thinking about feminine competition, great! If it is so, you know a typical behaviour among women. What would three women  do in a deserted island? Two of them would join to criticize the other one. This joke is kind of funny because it is true, escorts are highly competitive. They use beauty, class, money, luxury, or services to highlight they are tigresses who will defend their territory to the last consequences.

So, given all this, it seems that escorts in Barcelona  and whores aren’t BFF who help each other. Everyone minds their own business and keep their clients close to their fishnet tights to avoid them be interested in others and go away with their wealthy wallets.

Colombian escorts may help each other, the same as Egyptian escorts or Catalan escorts, but this is not an international network.

Every escort is on drugs

Absolutely not! Among mature escorts and Spanish escorts, there are many who are worried about taking care of their bodies and health; drugs and alcohol are not part of their daily routine. Of course, according to the Cuban escort, there are sometimes that clients invite them to a private party, so they are proper moments to drink alcohol, but it isn’t necessary in every date. For some clients, a date with an escort girl in Barcelona means the perfect moment to get an erotic massage, get relaxed and have sex without needing alcohol or drugs. Others prefer to drink champagne before sex, or need drugs, but this doesn’t mean every escorts are on drugs.

The fact of being an escort or a whore isn’t directly related to drugs and alcohol use. If you are thinking about setting up a date with an escort girl in Barcelona, you can ask beforehand to make sure your encounter is going to be exactly how you want.

Beware of Photoshop

Another stereotype about escorts is that all of them are hot. There are many pictures which doesn’t match to reality, according to an Italian escort. There are websites retouching exaggeratedly their pictures, there are even whores who advertise with fake pictures. The clients may be so disappointed to see a cheap imitation of what they saw on the Internet.

After meeting with a Venezuelan escort, a Cuban escort, a Spanish escort, a Catalan escort, and an Egyptian escort, we can affirm reality takes control over online fiction. They are spectacular curved girls and have beautiful smiles. What are they hiding under their tight dresses?

01 October 2015  - 

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