Nightclubs: social and, indeed, sexual relationships

20 July 2014  - 
Nightclubs and escorts in Barcelona

Nightclubs are part of the world's map; there are motorway whorehouses, and cities & towns brothels as another one of nature's elements. There are many kind of brothels; generally speaking we find two big types, the urban brothel and the motorway whorehouse. The first type is expanding in town centres, since these whorehouses are not only a travellers and truck drivers' businesses.

The motorway brothel is a place where the clients have drinks and the whores seduce them and flirt with them. Usually in this whorehouse type, there is a first floor with rooms for sex for money business between the whores and the clients. Contacts can last from twenty minutes to the time the client is able to pay for the whore's services.

High quality urban nightclub

Recently, this type of nightlife business has been expanding in the city centres. Whereas the motorway whorehouse has a darker image for lay people, the urban city nightclub has been taking a position as a discreet place with high-quality services, health control and thorough hygiene care of the premises and suites. La Vie en Rose matches the standards, a nightclub where all details are carefully supervised.

La Vie en Rose suites provide a calm and nice atmosphere, making the client feel comfortable enough to have sex with a professional of men's fantasies escort. Chromotherapy is a combination of colours that takes the client to a perfect state of mind and mood for sex. Music, nice atmosphere, discretion and a high quality escort work, make of La Vie en Rose visit the best clients' sexual experience.

Nightclub vs. Internet

Do not take trouble in it, do not try too hard, never the on-line chats or the pictures sight on the internet could beat a real booking date.

Nowadays, the Internet relationships are on the wave's crest, many of them starting on the social networks. Not so long ago, the irc chats were in, meeting new people was never so easy before. Indeed, it is easy to chat with someone on-line, but it can come easy as well the big disappointment when we meet this person behind that nickname.

Photoshop is also a big helper in this final disappointment. How many times a beautiful face and a stunning body have become finally something very different, when they turn from the computer or mobile screen to real life? And let's not forget about the fantasies we dream of when we chat to someone. Typing on a computer is flat, voiceless, emotionless, there is really nothing we can get from it; actually, when we get hooked in a chat conversation with a stranger, it is because we are figuring too many things out about this relationship. And then, the final disappointment obviously happens.

In the whores and escorts' world, this disappointment can happen as well. Besides, people who are looking for sex for money on the Internet, must know how it works and need to have time to surf the web groping in the dark. Then, it comes the wonderful nightclub power as the saver, the perfect place for real communication and no room for misunderstandings.

In the brothel, the relationships are still a face to face business, as it used to be in the old days. To meet people in bars, used to be more challenging and attractive than browsing a website or chatting on-line. The glances exchange game, the girls' bodies and their real faces sight in a discreet and nice environment, and the company and conversation with other clients, are unbeatable factors when thinking about spending a Friday or a Saturday night.

The nightclub's escorts

The escorts variety of choice in the city brothel is much larger and more powerful in real life than a bunch of nice pictures in a social network. The clients choose to visit La Vie en Rose to spend a nice time, not only to have a sexual encounter, but to enjoy the music, the nice atmosphere, the conversations, and, of course, the chance of meeting new people, and perhaps starting a friendship with other clients. First of all, the nightclub is a social club, and, indeed, a sexual club as well.

luxury escorts meet the clients and these ones buy the girls a drink, some conversation and flirting games time; then, when the seduction play works, they can choose to rent a luxury suite to enjoy their time with the escort as long as they want.

In the nightclub a client can meet senior escorts, independent escorts, uni girls escorts, very tall escorts, adaptable escorts, 
overseas escorts from Russian escorts, to Asian escorts, to Brazilian escorts, to Spanish escorts, to Lebanese escorts, to even Greek escorts.

Definitely, the urban brothel is a perfect place for promoting social, seductive and good fun relationships. Many escorts say that usually the client does not want only a sexual encounter, but a nice time of conversation and drinks with a stunning beauty who wants to listen, and also to have a good laugh and a stress-relieve of the week time. For many guys, this is a great way to spend their money; and, if we think about it, the 
escorts offer many services apart from sex: companionship, entertainment, good fun, nightlife in bars and drinks, psychotherapy, and sometimes, friendship.

Nightclubs in city centres, are specifically designed places for adult entertainment, where sometimes gentlemen go by themselves or else with their wives, only to enjoy the escorts' companionship all night long.

20 July 2014  - 

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