As the name indicates, a luxury escort is a very special escort. Internet is full of profiles with girls offering escorting services and many clients look no further. However, when looking for the perfect evening, we must put the lens on the luxury escorts. It’s the way of assuring ourselves a perfect night.

07 December 2017  - 

Whores, escorts and luxury escorts

Whores, escorts and luxury escorts seem to have a similar job but the differences are evident. We only have to hire the services of one and the other to experiment its characteristics without investigating further.

The audience wonders what’s the difference, if in the end the sexual service is the main aspect, let’s investigate further. We talk to some of the clients at La Vie en Rose about this and we ask them about their opinion on this. “For me, and without trying to offend anyone, the first, the whores, are the ones focused on the sexual service end of story. Often fast and without any connection. You can’t expect any conversation or anything other than straight forward blowjob or penetration. The escorts are something else”.

We continue exploring the issue while we chat to other clients. “ Escorts are something more exclusive. When you want to have a good time, not just sex but conversation, opening a bottle of champagne or go accompanied, you have to look for an escort. They are very beautiful girls with a knockout body. When you meet one of them you can be sure you’ll like it”.

We go a step further and we ask about the crème de la crème. The luxury escorts. What’s the mystery about them? Beauty, manners, good companionship, image Venus in bed, what else can one ask for? We continue adding some of their verified and most wanted characteristics.

Good listeners

One of these luxury girls’ features is their capacity to listen and, even better, knowing when to be silent when the client is not looking for conversation but quite the opposite. They know when to ask and when not to go deeper on a subject when the client so wishes. It’s a question of sensibility and intelligence. They don’t annoy with personal or unwanted questions. They know perfectly well how to control their curiosity and change it for the ability to listen.


From the former we tie to the next one, discretion. One of the features luxury escorts have which precisely make them such is their discretion. If an escort knows what she can or can’t say, she’s a luxury escort. Whether because she has listened to the client’s personal story or because he hasn’t told her, the luxury girl knows how to keep the secret of what happened.

Often men like to chat about what happens when the door of the suite closes but some are not ready to talk about the sexual encounters they have and who with. That’s where the luxury escorts profile stands out as they are the perfect companion before and after the date as the reputation isn’t affected by any commentary after the encounter. Relatively known men search the services of a luxury escort in the hope of living a private experience. Nobody should know his taste in bed and so they meet a luxury girl.

Not judging

As a clients comments, one of the most attractive features of luxury girls is “how easy everything is with them”. It’s not the same a blowjob or a penetration than entering the world of fetishes, for example. “ When I want to do something new or strange I like to call a luxury escort because I know, first, that she’ll keep the secret and, second, she won’t set limits and will enjoy my fantasy as much as me, she’ll even improve it”.

Disguises, sexual toys, performances and roles are some of the things we can ask a luxury escort with complete freedom. Dare to make your fantasy come true without fear to a disapproving gaze. Ask her if she wants to share it with you and listen well to her as she’ll probably suggest something to make things even better.

High voltage

These luxury girls tend to dedicate plenty of time to the gym and to taking care of their health. In general, we can talk about the perfect 90 60 90 for some or the more generous curves for others, but always outstanding. The luxury escort has considerable honoraries but take into account that part of that money goes to her image and health. Her clients come on top in that exchange. Soft hair, smooth skin, well toned up muscles, charming smile, everything is part of the date with the luxury escort.

Everyone’s envy

If we want escorting to an event, we can’t get it wrong. We must bet for a winning option, that’s always a luxury girl. Well educated, good manners, perfect companion and a sexual bomb in bed. A client tells us his experience with one of those girls. “I was going to a party after a movie presentation. It wasn’t the first time I was calling a luxury girl, I had done it other times and I repeat with the ones I like best as I know everything will go well. I meet them to enjoy the party and then alone with them afterwards. They really become friends, I have no complaint and in bed they are the best”.

Well, after these comments from clients about luxury girls, we’ll let you decide who to spend the evening with. That said, if you are exquisite and a perfectionist, don’t hesitate, luxury girls are your thing.

07 December 2017  - 

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