​We conduct polls and surveys every year among the escorts who collaborate with La Vie en Rose and the regular clients to find out which are their preferences in sex.

19 February 2018  - 

We conduct polls and surveys every year among the escorts who collaborate with La Vie en Rose and the regular clients to find out which are their preferences in sex. Escorts like to know what services men enjoy more to guess your liking better and please you to the fullest.

Men and sex

The first we have to keep in mind is that not all men are the same. Therefore, not all of them like the same things or look for the same in sex and escorts. However, we can notice a transverse standard of sexual fantasies, that’s why there are some that cross the minds of most heterosexual men.

Of course, there are very interesting sexual fantasies and prostitution services out of the heterosexual scope, but this time we will only focus on the likings of heterosexual men that come to brothels like La Vie en Rose to make their fantasies come true.

Some men hide their fantasies because of shyness or fear to seem a sexual deviant. This fear is understandable and pretty normal, specially living in a society which was very tied to religion until now. Any sexual fantasy was a taboo it couldn’t be mentioned, fetishes were demonised and they didn’t contemplate the enjoyment of sex as something natural. Religion conceived as a necessary process to reproduction. Doing the right thing and the good thing were two different concepts that didn’t met, the good and pure people were supposed not to have impure thoughts, they shouldn’t think about sex and masturbation as sources of pleasure.

That is one of the reasons why nowadays there are people who still don’t dare to express their sexuality openly. And, it’s a shame since refusing to accept our deepest desires and self-repressing ourselves for any reason could lead us to a disaster. Giving oneself with a treat and doing whatever makes us fully happy is healthy for our body and mind, although it implies having kinky sex, which is the case of coprophagy and golden shower.

These days is even easier to find someone who shares our fantasies and want to make them come true. A phone call will be enough to arrange a date with a luxury escort. Professional prostitutes are experience in services and fantasies, that’s why they are the perfect women to tell our wishes and desires.

In La Vie en Rose, we stand for inclusivity and sexual variety because we think that the diversity of possibilities enrich the human experiences and relationships.

Ranking of services

Nowadays, some services we had never heard about are gaining prominence, perhaps it would be worthy to try and be able to judge if they are as pleasurable as they seem. Next, we offer you a ranking of services with the results obtained through our questions to escorts and clients. Take a look to our sexual predictions for 2018.


Have you ever heard about squirting? It is a sexual practice that refers to female ejaculation. Women secret vaginal fluids involuntarily in the sex act, it usually clashes with the moment when they reach an orgasm. Although not all of them are aware of it, all women are able to generate that sexual response with greater or lesser amount of fluid.

As female sexuality had been underestimated until now, we had lost much interesting and exciting information; for instance, we didn’t know that women can ejaculate and some escort and pornstars are able to train the muscles of their vagina to control female ejaculation to their whim.

Porn has achieved what seemed impossible: visibilising and de-stigmatising squirting. Squirting is the sexual novelty in this 2018 and it’s finding new supporters every day.

Anal sex

Anal sex also deserves to be on the top of our sexual ranking because it seems to be a trend among escorts and clients. If you haven’t tried it yet, you could be wondering if the sensations and emotions of anal sex are so different from vaginal sex as to be as worthy to try it.

Although anal sex and vaginal sex work the same way, in other words, it consists on introducing the penis or a sex toy in a hole, they actually have nothing in common. To some men, anal sex is more pleasurable than vaginal sex because the anus is a narrower and less flexible hole than the vagina. During the practice of Greek, this results in an increase of the sensation of pleasure in the penis, which gets surrounded by the pressure of the anal muscles.

In addition, many men like to experiment the sensations of anal sex on their own skin and ask their escort to use a vibrating dildo or a strap-on. Anal stimulation is very pleasurable to them because it’s an area with many nerve endings near the prostate, where it is placed their G-spot.

Oral sex

We couldn’t leave oral sex out of our ranking, it is one of the favourite services of clients and escorts. Bareback blowjob, cum in mouth blowjob and deep throat are services that never go out of fashion and, in addition, everybody agrees that oral sex will always be among the favourites. Many luxury escorts are specialised in blowjob practices because they know it is a safe bet. Most men we have asked to have it clear, their ideal encounter with an escort starts with a bareback blowjob, although they don’t agree which is the best way to end it.

Heretofore it goes our top three most requested services, what do you think? Do you agree? Do you have other favorites? Come to La Vie en Rose to share them with escorts experts in fulfilling sexual fantasies.

19 February 2018  - 

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