On the subject of sex, many people dream about the same things. The human mind has an unlimited imagination. These are some of them.

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The human mind has an unlimited imagination we can only intuitively fathom. Even so, regarding sex, many people dream about the same things. Be it due to porn movies, conversations at the bar or because they are what a man really likes, there are torrid scenes that repeat themselves again and again in their mind. On our dear blog we’ll see some of those men recreate themselves with, while waiting to cross a traffic light.

A trio with two women

Making a trio with two women is our number one fantasy after chatting to some of the clients at La Vie en Rose. Giving in to sexual pleasures in the company of two women is, also, one of the fantasies most often fulfilled. There are escorts that offer lesbian or duos. On the lesbian the escorts touch but on the duo they don’t. They can combine the nationalities, for example, an Egyptian escort and a Slav one, or the opposite, they can be very similar.


A titfuck is a very well known expression in our country to refer to the practice of masturbation with the breasts instead of the hands. In countries like Greece this same practice is called a “Spaniard”. But of course they don’t know what we call a “Greek” here.

To perform this sexual fantasy the escort uses her large breasts to achieve the man’s orgasm. We are told that in this practice vision is even more exciting that the sensation itself.

Deep Greek

Anal sex or Greek consists of the use of the anus to have sexual relations. Many men dream about this fantasy and think it’s as easy as it’s shown on porn movies. However, there’s a whole world of lubricants and dilators to do it in the most pleasurable way for the one receiving it from behind.

Women as well as men can get to experiment orgasm with a deep Greek. For it, a whole range of toys and practices, from massages to postures are at your disposal.

Porn star escort

Seeing a pornographic movie is like an anthropological study of humanity’s dirtiest and most perverse fantasies. By seeing just three of them we are more than informed. One of its great uses is to point out ideas. And then make them come true. That’s where the role of the porn star escort comes in.

These professionals, we have dedicated various posts to them specifically, are real porn actresses with whom it’s not easy to have a date with and behave like in a movie. The famous ones have high rates, an agenda full of events and ask for very complete health analysis. If one is decided, one will find the patience to wait and above all the money.

Hardcore games. BDSM.

The practice of forbidden sexual games, or a bit harder ones, is perhaps for those who have practiced plenty of sex and need to step it up. In the art of bondage and BDSM not everything goes. Ropes, leather, whips, harnesses, pegs, masks, humiliation, pain, twisted pleasure, secret words, codes..etc. BDSM can be practiced in a light way but the more one advances, the more complex it becomes.

Sexual party

An orgy, a bacchanal, a sexual blast, is the next fantasy on our list. Sex in private can give way to a more open and saucy experience. A sexual party in which everyone has sex with the rest and exchange partner or trio without uttering a word is something most men we talked to have already done or wish to experience.

Bachelor parties, birthdays or deals between parts that trust each other can look at ways to celebrate via a sexual party.

A trio with two men and one woman

If the trio of a man and two women is highly valued, the one between two men and a woman also runs through the torrid minds of society. Pleasure is multiplied when practicing sex with a woman who is practicing it with another man at the same time. This one has a lot to do with the mirror neurons. Those that make us yawn when someone else yawns, smile when someone smiles or reach orgasm when someone else does.

Sex on the beach

Here we include the places people dream of to have sex. From the beach or inside the sea, to the car, an open field, the shower or a bath, a store’s fitting room, a disco, a luxury suite, a yacht, the cinema etc.

Happy ending massages

Going to an appointment with a masseuse and, after giving you the pleasures of her art, have her show you her talent for oral sex, also gets marks as a torrid fantasy. As it’s not common for it to come true, we can have a date with masseuse escorts and ask for all the kinds of massages available.

Body to body, four hands, nuru massage or lingam massage are some of the options we can get interested in.

Cross dressing

For the more daring and open ones, the most imaginative pleasure includes crossing over basic sexual norms. Those in which, a woman only behaves as a woman and a man as a man. The escorts have commented the strength of this fantasy. In it, the escort can cross dress and be a real gentleman and her client can adopt the role of a prostitute.

The cosplay escorts are those specialized in Manga characters. The western variety is the sex professionals who dress up as movie or comic female super heroes.

06 June 2017  - 

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